Friday, September 9, 2016


Submitted and written by: Dr Richard Ruhling

I'm planning to spend time sending the following 125 words to Op-Editors at major newspapers. The email info is here--
Dear Op-Editor: 
Please take 10 for the sake of America to consider a serious medical opinion on Hillary and then write an op-ed--
I'm confident you can do better than I, but if you don't wish to, please forward these 125 words for a Letter to Editor--
Hillary’s 2013 Diagnosis (3-5 Year Expectancy) Means Lack of Judgment in Seeking Presidency
Most patients confronted with a pre-terminal illness wonder how long they have and taper activities with plans for a long vacation. That’s normal.
Hillary’s run for presidency in the face of bad prognosis supports the diagnosis of “Vascular Dementia.”  Medical opinions on YouTube are damning. (one of several examples)
The alternatives seem to be either Trump, if he wins, or an orchestrated 3rd term for Obama in the face of Hillary’s continued decline before January.
We might see martial law to quell civil unrest from Black Lives Matter or a dollar collapse even before November to prevent the public from thinking the current administration stole the election.
Richard Ruhling, retired MD 
But if every patriot with an email list would forward it with their name instead of mine, and maybe even email their local editor, who knows the impact it might have?

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