Friday, September 9, 2016


WikiLeaks Julian Assange Just PROVED that Hillary Clinton LIED to the FBI!

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Knock, Knock…Does Anybody Care About the Presidential Election?

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Disgrace: Clearly the FBI Intended to Let Hillary Get Away With Breaking National Security Laws

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Rash of Sexual Assaults by Muslim Refugees Hit Germany AGAIN!
The New Segregation: Black’s Only Dorm at a California University
Doesn’t Anyone Remember What Bill Clinton Said About Deporting Illegal Immigrants? [video]
New Report: The Clinton Foundation Misled the IRS on Tax Exemptions from the Start!
Pentagon Memo Reveals Their Partisan Politics
Dr. Drew Pinsky Fired Over Truth about Hillary being at Death’s Door
This Liberal College Now Teaching Freshmen that ALL White People are Racist!
Liberal University says “Welcome White Week” is Offensive but “Welcome Black Week” is Not!
“People who have Nothing to Hide Don’t Smash Phones with Hammers”
Obama Promises Paris Climate Deal Will be Ratified
Could Democrat VP Candidate Tim Kaine Beat Donald Trump???
Good move Tebow! The NFL is Full of Idiots
Oh Snap! America’s Mayor says Hillary Clinton is Either Stupid or Lying!
This Is Why a Donald Trump Landslide Is Possible
Chicago Lunacy Continues through Labor Day Weekend
EASY MEAT– A Comprehensive Report of Decades of the British Government Covering Up Muslim Pedophile Rings [video]
Bitter Beyoncé Recklessly Endangers America
Back to School: Here are the Top 20 Colleges Where Students are the “Least Religious”
How Donald Trump Prepares for Debating Hillary Clinton
Today, September 9, 1776: Colonies Named ‘United States of America’
News You Can Use for September 9, 2016
Guess What Happened to 55-Year-Old Italian Woman on Eve of Her Wedding to Afghan Refugee
Watch “Here’s the Thing” with Tim Young TONIGHT!
Bakery Refuses to Bake Donald Trump Cake – No One Sues, Customers Simply Use Different Bakery
Latest Liberal Trigger: Harambe (the Gorilla) Jokes are… Wait for It… RACIST!

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