Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Clinton Haiti Scandal Explodes: Former Senate President makes Bribery Accusation and Leaked Emails Show Corruption!

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Obama Still Pledging to Bring More ‘Refugees’ into the U.S. As Europe Burns

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Why the Media Refuses to Compare Crowds in a Few Pictures
G.H.W. Bush Will Vote for Clinton? No Surprise!
Liberals Rewriting History to make Americans Forget that We Are Exceptional
Media PC Police are Helping Trump win on New York Bombing
Egypt Sentenced Coptic Teens to Five Years in Prison for “Defaming Islam,” Escaped to Switzerland
The Navy Begins Mandatory Transgender Behavioral Training!
No, Trump hasn’t been in ISIS Recruitment Video but Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have
Christian Coach Faces Setback in Fight for Religious Freedom
Hillary Debilitating Disease Finally has a Name: “Pseudologia Fantastica”
After the Bombings in New York and New Jersey, Ted Cruz Calls for an END to the U.S. Refugee Program
Federal Reserve Ghost Economy Forever: Media Pretends It was Unforeseeable
Lt. Col. Allen West has A Warning for All Christians
After New York Attack, Donald Trump Hits New Highs!
New Liberal Argument: The Manhunt for the NY/NJ Bomber was… RACIST!
The Obama/Clinton Counter-Terror Mess
Today, September 21, 1779: Spanish Capture Baton Rouge
News You Can Use for September 21, 2016
Three Progressive Mayors Preach Ideology Despite Recent Attacks
Update: 1991, 1998, 2007: Barack Obama Bio States He was “Born in Kenya and Raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”
Liberals Come to Bury Clinton, Not to Praise Her
Georgia Governor Doesn’t Know Much About Economics
The New York – New Jersey Bombings illustrate Why Donald Trump will Win
Donald Trump Readies His Biggest Hammer to Drive the Last Nail in Hillary’s Coffin
SHOCK VIDEO: Over 800 Immigrants Accidentally Granted Citizenship
The Smoking Gun: Hillary Clinton’s Tech Guy Asked Reddit How to Delete Emails!

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