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From: "John Rolls"
Changing who controls ICANN jeopardizes our presidential election

BJ3: Always said he was an untrustable since hearing him say (while stumping) that he would get the New World Order done. That then started us considering more carefully the “dirt”about him/his family company in Germany.
BJ3: And, of course, the “in cahoots” repubs do nothing...Dysfunctional Homeland Security Department to prevent ‘rigged’ elections

'Smoking gun' found in Hillary's email?...
Clinton aide suspected of asking online community about stripping out IDs...
Hillary Bars Alt Press, Busses In Students To Hide Pitiful Rally Turnout..Hillary's "rally" shown to be small, invite only press event...
BJ3: But here’s a photo anyway...From: Jenny...PHOTO: Donald Trump Packs Arena, Hillary Draws 200 at Dueling Events

BJ3: Jenny and I attended Jesuit schools.  Then we too should be banned...Hopefully this is isolated and will be reversed. From: Jenny...Jesuit High School Bans Alumnus for Criticizing Tim Kaine
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Yep!...From: "doug walk"
"A pro-immigration enforcement group is calling on Congress to block President Barack Obama's latest effort to bring more Islamic refugees into the United States. " (Only a President Trump can stop this cabal of America-haters)[90% of republican congress needs to go]

BJ3: Gets tougher and tougher to “buy” this every day. Does he really think that most Catholics will? Can anyone show us that he, Bush(es) Hillary, Soros, “GOP” et al are not on the same side???  From: sherzieve...
Petrus Romanus speaks again...From: "doug walk"
"This week, he went as far as to claim that through helping refugees, Western countries could begin to win the war on terror."(This is an historical era, we now have the most stupid people in positions of power, the stupidest potus, the stupidest new candidate, the stupidest pope)
RUSH: You heard me say, "uh-oh," when he said "what we can accomplish working together as one people under one God."  Ho-ho-ho-ho.  The climate change crowd's gonna go berserk on that one alone.

BJ3: They left one word out ”FAR” (better) we have long said. Bottom line, the VAST majority of legal Hispanics are fully against illegals (for obvious reasons)...Trump Support Among Hispanics Better Than Expected
From: Jenny...Trump Shames Hillary in Florida: Clinton ‘Talks Tougher About My Supporters’ than Radical Islamic Terrorists\

From: Jenny...Davi: Trump the ‘One Candidate Who Can Save the Republic’ from Last 40 Years of Ruin

From: Rob E...CTM #606 - Pastor David Manning - What's wrong with "Black Lives Matter"

BJ3: “Peacefully”, of course....From: Savage...Utah: Elementary school evacuated after Muslim threatens to blow it up...
From: sherzieve...Thanks to Char...
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 From Jeff in CT....
ALERT: TRUMP already destroying local ARIZONA economy - [SUPER SNARK!].....ALERT:  TRUMP could destroy the local economies
   Illegal immigrants are boycotting Arizona by the thousands and moving   elsewhere - showing their outrage with Donald Trump's proposed law of  sending illegal immigrants back to their native countries.  In the small town of Guadalupe, AZ, south of Phoenix, Manuel Renaldo is one of those who are vowing to punish Arizona by leaving.  As he loaded his stolen car with his taxpayer-furnished belongings and  family of ten, Renaldo told this reporter through an interpreter:  "It's a  matter of principle; I refuse to be supported by a state that treats me  like a criminal!"  The effects of the exodus are already being felt by some Arizona retailers, who are reporting dwindling thefts and sales of beer, tequila,  spray paint, and ammunition.  Also hit hard are the state hospitals, which have reported a dramatic decline in births and emergency room visits.  State welfare agencies are preparing to lay off staffs that distribute food stamps and unemployment benefits.  Tattoo parlors are in an absolute state of panic.  Renaldo told a reporter, through an interpreter, that he and his family are moving to Canada, with a new Liberal government under Justin Trudeau and new higher taxes, hardworking people will better support him and his family with dignity! (no link)

From: Jenny...
Ahmad Khan Rahami’s Father Told Police in 2014 His Son Was a Terrorist, Officials Say...

From: Jenny...I would say, lots, lots, more..Ten Times in Past Two Years Terrorists Slipped Through Immigration Process into U.S.

BJ3: Talk about politi-speak-bs...From: Jenny...NYC Mayor Says Islamic Terror ‘Vanishingly’ Rare
Just days after jihadist bombing in New York, de Blasio touts 'diversity,' calls for more Muslim migrants

BJ3: Google, Facebook, ISPs, etc. have already been doing for some time.From: Jenny...
Google Developing Tools to Suppress Online Speech, Protect Elites’ Feelings

[Exclusive] 21st century censorship has come to America...Are shadowy powers controlling what you read? It's not the stuff of conspiracy lunatics anymore. Read about the modern censorship that has come to our country... and why most Americans don't even realize it is happening!
James O’Keefe Introduces ‘Emotional First Aid Kits’ for Social Justice Warriors

From: RUSH...Jerry Jones: My Players Will Stand for the National Anthem...http://www.rushlimbaugh

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