Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Terrifying Report: ISIS has “Increasingly Sophisticated” Network in Europe, Ready to Attack at Any Time!

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On October 1st the USA Will Hand Over Control of the Internet, Endangering Free Speech – Call Congress Now!

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Host Mark Levin Finally Dumps #NeverTrump to Jump on the Trump Train

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Cal State University Brings Back Segregation
Emails Show Clinton Lackey Set Up Benghazi Hearing Questions in Advance!
Former NFL Star and African American Praises Trump’s Detroit Trip!
MUST SEE! Trump Pulls Ahead: The Myth of the Gender Gap
Did Trump’s immigration reform speech win the White House?
CNN Anchor Shocked when Fact Check PROVES that Hillary Clinton Aide Destroyed her Mobile Devices with a Hammer!
Proof Black Lives Only Matter If they Vote Democrat
President Obama is “Optimistic” that Americans will Reject Donald Trump
Nancy Pelosi says Hillary’s Crimes are Being Blown Out of Proportion!
Children of the Caliphate [video]
Paul Finebaum Show bows knee to Marxist overlords at ESPN
Why School Choice Is Important (and Protecting Kids from Drugs)
Trump Targets The Cartels
Who Is Trying to Reverse Brexit?
Bill Clinton says the Clinton Foundation is like “Robin Hood”!
Back to School: Here Are The Top 20 Colleges Where Students are the Most Politically Active
Some Republicans Worried about Trump’s Immigration Policies
This little guy knows which team he’s rooting for! [video]
Mythical Moments
Today, September 7, 1776: First Wartime Submarine Attack [VIDEO]
News You Can Use for September 7, 2016
INCREDIBLE: The World’s First Art Exhibit for Dogs [video]
Obama Deliberately Snubbed by Chinese, Forced to Exit Back of Bus, Press Exchange Gets Heated [video]
Reuters News Cuts Off Bishop Jackson Blessing Donald Trump! [video]
Phyllis Schlafly Showed the Big Boys How to Fight like a Girl

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