Wednesday, September 7, 2016


BJ3: First, again, thank you to all those who have responded so far.  We need MORE as it’s somewhat close. Your feedback is vital. So, please tell us.....What is your Yes/No response to this poll question in our National Briefer? 
Urgent Poll Question:  Bill Gheen of ALIPAC says that deporting illegals, with their immediately going right to the end of the line, is against the law.  He says the illegals must wait 10 years before they can do that. For this poll....
Do you think that nullifying/waiving this 10-year ban is an acceptable trade-off for deporting these illegals?

1) About System Mechanic...Having some HUGE support issues with System Mechanic “people”. We keep opening a support case; they keep closing it the next day, doing nothing. We open a case asking for information; they close it down the next day...doing nothing. They won’t even provide their direct phone number to the support agent. The astute U. R. has provided us with SM competitor info. Is anyone receiving this using a product similar to SM that they really like? THX.

From: Jenny...The CDC Medical Police State: The Right to Detain Anyone
Agency on the verge of expanding its power to detain and force medical treatment on anyone

From: INI World Report ...WILL LOU DOBBS GET THE AX AGAIN? /5085818847001/dobbs-the-clint on-cartel-emits-the-foulest-st ench-of-all-/?#sp=show-clips
From: Jenny...Illegal Immigrants Tell Border Agents “Obama Said It Was OK to Come” (VIDEO)

From: Jenny...Another Barry’s “refugee”…NY Deli Owner Ahmed Alshami Charged with Food Stamps Fraud, Wife Yells F*ck America
Refugees Try Running Truckers Off the Road... Govt. Responds With MASSIVE Counterattack
From: Lee S Gliddon Jr...FAKE NEWS OBAMA STYLE

BJ3: As many of you know, many of our columns get content-censored and blocked.  It happened the other day with TWO Alex Jones columns.  What a Badge of Honor for him...but still, it’s needs to be stopped...From: sherzieve...
To say that Trump and we who support him are in mortal danger is far from an exaggeration.  Be extra careful out there...From: charlite....Censorship no longer subtle and surreptitious. Media are now so brazen that they display it without fear of consequences.

From: Sher Zieve   From: Dave Hollenbeck...Ten facts that make the cost of illegal immigration clear
From: Rob E...Your Poll question ALIPAC bill gheen-
Trump on Illegals: 'Going Out So Fast Your Head Would Spin'
From: sherzieve  
From: charlite

From: blueislandbobsue...Love and Concern will help our country to move forward, not Disrespect of one's property and views.  Let us Stand together.  God Bless and protect our America.Suzanne
From: sherzieve...
GOOD FOR THEM!!!  In the USA, we are going to have to fight the ENTIRE ObamaGov...including BOTH the Democrats AND the Republicans....From: "John Rolls"
US Faces Major Setback as Europeans Revolt Against TTIP
From: The Sovereignty Project ...George Soros' evil plot to sabotage the election
Soros looking to add 10 million new voters. Legal status not necessary.

U N gets its Fingers in our Election Pie
From: Sher Zieve...
End Game of USA's and its final total destruction if leftists (Hillary and her thugs) are again voted in to rule the country...and us...From: Dave Hollenbeck
How HUD Tramples Liberal Voters to Boost the Liberal Elite

From: sherzieve...
If you haven't seen really should...From: "John Rolls"
Soros: Western Society Must Fall Before One World Govt Can Be Established (Video) - The Last Great Stand

From: Sher Zieve...
A definite Need to Read!  Thanks to John...From: John Rolls
From: Alex Jones...(She was) an icon of human liberty...Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly Dead At 92
From: Sher Zieve     From: John Rolls
Sorry Losers! How the Fed has Screwed the Many to Benefit the Few +Videos
From: sherzieve....

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