Thursday, September 22, 2016


BJ3: did we...From:
The End Stage of World Takeover By Clear and Present Evil  

From: Rob E    Obama Flooding More U.S. Cities With Muslim Migrants
BJ3: Any more doubts as to where the problem is?
Obama HARMS Your Childs Education by Stretching Resources for Unvetted Refugees Instead

From: sherzieve  
From: "doug walk"
Speaking at U.N., president attacks rise of ‘right-wing populism,’ takes open digs at Donald Trump, His message was clear: The nations of the world must forfeit their own security, both physical and economic, and their cultural identities to advance the one global order.(Here comes the Obama/Clinton/soros push for "global communism")...
Globalist Obama Trashes American Sovereignty - Conservative News

From: sherzieve...
Of course.  The savages are in all 50 of our States, now.  Obama and Clinton planted them...From: "John Rolls"...A Heavy Warning For Every American: NY and NJ Are The Tip of the Iceberg, Wait Until You Hear This! | Terrorism

From: Sher Zieve    From: Dave Hollenbeck
The “Deplorables” – Who We Are And What We Want

From: Savage...Armed forces chiefs confirm sense of Obama distrust (Washington Times) "There’s a lot of frustration within the ranks

From: Sher Zieve   From: Dave Hollenbeck
Obama brags about this one thing at fundraiser; INSTANTLY regrets it

Our compliments in how U.R. did all this with a link. How well done indeed. THX...From: U.R.
Here's my take on the posting by a member of this list and that presented Pat Buchanan's news item explaining the DEPLORABLES in America..
From chuckolb...From: Rob E...Sheriff Arpaio: I'm still investigating President Obama's birth certificateby Richard Ruelas - The Arizona Republic
From chuckolb...Say it is not so ... A Catholic nun being frisked by a Muslim TSA security agent ... Government propaganda campaign to make public submit to strip searches
From: Peggy G...From: Judicial Watch...Sanctuary Jurisdictions Protect Nearly 12,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants in 19 Months -- The recent murder committed by a twice-deported illegal immigrant gangbanger in a Maryland sanctuary county makes the following information both enraging and unbelievable; nearly 12,000 illegal immigrants with...
From: Jenny...Poll: 74% Voters Reject Obama’s Middle East Refugee Plan

From: Jenny...Senator from Punjab’: How Hillary Clinton Masterminded a Global Scheme to Replace American Workers
AB 2466—Allows FELONS in Jail to Vote

From: Jenny...Germany: Nearly 40 Per Cent of Under Fives Now ‘Migrant Background’

WATCH- ‘Swedes Must Integrate with Migrants’ Says Government-Backed Propaganda Film
BJ3: Insane...From: Sher...Slowly but, surely, the Luciferian Left is doing away with everything humans have developed since our beginnings on the planet...From: TechnocracyNews...

From: Kirk MacKenzie...Google is not our friend!
Whatever you do, do not use Google Allo: Snowden
From: Sher Zieve...Folks, you MUST read this!  Thanks to Richard ("Gunny"). FYI...This thread has just been pulled at FR...From: Richard Gaines
wikileaks-drops-bombshell-bill-oreilly-and-megan-kelly-are-clinton-operatives-trump-was-right... Voters Abandon GOP- The Elite Is with Her!
Wealthy Voters Abandon GOP- The Elite Is with Her!

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