Wednesday, September 14, 2016


From: Kirk MacKenzie...
This is a terrible change. Moreover, there is no mention of who inherits control.
Web going global to delight of tech giants, against GOP opposition...
Inter-national-net: Web going global to delight of tech giants, against GOP opposition
From: Sher  From: charlite...This is so Spot-On that it's worth forgetting whatever valid reasons you have for not particularly admiring Buchanan. He was 100% right twenty years ago when he wrote a best seller: THE BROWNING OF AMERICA.............and he's right with this commentary, too..........SO right that it's frightening to read this bare bones analysis of how we're losing our original country as our Founders visualized and planned it for us.[Even if you don't like Pat B, this is GOOD!] 

From: Jenny...MUST SEE VIDEO=> AMAZING! Trump Invites Supporters on Stage to Respond to Hillary’s “Deplorables” Statement

BJ3: We’ve been looong saying this about FAUX news, even before the sons took over. Just watch how many of the
“honest” reporters resign....likely NONE...From: Vincent Gioia...

Voters Voice Registration Concerns to LA County Registrar–Voter Rolls Rigged?

By Stephen Frank on Sep 12, 2016 08:04 pm   A while ago the Election Integrity Project submitted a list of 46,000 names to the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters—names of people dead, moved, duplicates and illegal aliens, people that should not be on the voting rolls.  The Registrar handled the list like the FBI handle the corruption of Hillary, trashed the evidence. ““Whether […]

From: Kirk MacKenzie 
Photographing your own completed ballot is illegal?!
'Ballot selfie' photography ban challenged in new federal lawsuit
From: Pat T...Report: Google Search Bias Protecting Hillary Clinton Confirmed in Experiment

..... RUSH: While all of this is going on on the Democrat side, the Republican establishment and the -- basically, it's the consultant class, which is contained in the political class -- are getting worried that Trump might actually now win.

BREAKING: Trump Releases Unprecedented Plan For Debate
As noted here, the joint project is between ProPublica and Google NewsLab. Called, "Election DataBot," the site describes itself as a one-stop shop for political news stories. By JD Heyes 

From: sherzieve  
From: "doug walk"
(The Obama/Clinton cartel will have them out before breakfast, she needs the votes) !!!! [These weapons may have been part of Obama's "fast & Furious" campaign] ????????????
Border Patrol Agents Seize High-Powered Weapons from Mexican Nationals - Conservative News

From: Jenny...SOUTHCOM Raises Alarms on Sunni Extremists Infiltrating U.S. Southern Border

From: Jenny...Iraqi Refugee Diagnosed With Active TB in Oakland County, Michigan

From: Savage...Savage on Alex Jones TV: O will collapse economy if Trump wins

From: UR...
I was apprehensive about Trump's negative standing with some minorities.. but my concerns didn't evaluate the old statement. TRUTH PREVAILS. Trump is truthful for the most part.. and that is what makes him a WINNER. This days email content sure proved that TRUTH PREVAILS as is shown by the blacks who are leaning to TRUMP shown by emails.  (no link)

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