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CHUCK KOLB 09/26/2016

The Battle at Hofstra !!!
These presidential debates, which start this Monday, will be like no others.
The primary debates had more viewers than any in history, and featured trash
talking, loud audience booing, candidates mocking each other, shouting
matches, and body parts bragging. And those were just the Republicans.
The truth versus the lie ...
Maranatha !

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Debate the Center of Disattraction !!!

How to watch the first US presidential debate on TV and online

How to Watch the First 2016 Presidential Debate Live Stream

Our survival is only possible when we kneel together in prayer ...
This is not just an election. It’s a fight for the heart and soul of our Nation ...
Our prayers of support hither forth and are not forgotten ... 

WoW ! Dinner with Donald and Coffee with Ivanka - Klatch
Travel with Donald on Trump One to a Campaign Rally
Ivanka - (0:40) set HD

Debate Survey

Complete the Platform for America Survey as soon as you can
Thanks, Donald J. Trump

Bill Whittle's Firewall: The Clinton Lie Ratchet (6:32) set to HD
Published on Sep 18, 2016 - BillWhittleChannel

Interview ...
Julian ASSANGE : WIKILEAKS e mail we've put CLINTON in jail ! (26:57) set to HD
Published on Sep 25, 2016 - Stock Market, Silver & Gold

w vid Here are 27 things we learned from new Clinton FBI files dumped on Friday night
by Sarah Westwood

Witnesses were nervous about talking to the FBI about Hillary Clinton's email server. President Obama used a pseudonym to contact Clinton at her private email address... which he later claimed he didn't know about. Clinton's team tried to destroy emails from her server after the New York Times reported that she had done nearly all of her work on it, with staffers even shattering the disks that contained them. And Clinton's staff lost a thumb drive that contains all of her emails – public, private, classified and unclassified. These are among just a few of the revelations in the new documents that were dumped Friday night. [...]
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Yavoh ~ He is coming !
Yahweh - Yeshua -  Ruach Ha-Kodesh
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה  
Minute by minute updates here ...
Watching for Yeshua Ha-Mashiach,7340,L-3089,00.html
Pray at the Kotel - the Western Wailing Wall
Entire Media News on this Planet
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This time it's Houston ...
9 wounded in Mall - shooter shot dead
w vid Houston police: Gunman killed after shooting 'several people'
by John Bacon - USA TODAY

Nine people were wounded Monday when a gunman opened fire on passing vehicles in southwest Houston, Interim Police Chief Martha Montalvo said. The suspected gunman was fatally shot by officers who responded at the scene, she said. Police tweeted they were on the scene of  an "active shooter incident" north of West University, then tweeted that a suspect "has been shot by our officers." Later they confirmed the shooter had died. [...]

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Trump calls Muslim migration “the all-time biggest Trojan Horse”.
by Ted Belman

Trojan HorseEver wonder why there are so many Muslims and Muslim countries in the world? Over the millennia many countries were conquered, but didn’t remain Persian or Greek or Roman as the case may be. You see, the countries conquered in the name of Islam, became and remained Islamic. For example Pakistan, part of India, and Malaysia were Hindu; Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and N. Africa were Christian; Afghanistan was Buddhist. They are all Islamic now. This transformation was not by chance but by design. All these countries were conquered by force then shorn of their wealth and many of their women. Then the Muslim conquerors introduced Sharia and continued fighting the local inhabitants. The inhabitants were either forced to convert or accorded Dhimmi status. As time went on all cultures submitted and eventually became Islamic. [...]

‘Trump won’t jettison Judea and Samaria,’ advisor says
Trump to Netanyahu: I will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s united capital
“The Republican platform on Israel is the strongest that either party has ever developed in the history of this country.”
by Tova Lazaroff - JPOST

Donald Trump would fight “eternally” to keep Jews in Judea and Samaria if he makes it to the White House, according to one of the Republican contender’s top advisors. “The Republican platform on Israel is the strongest that either party has ever developed in the history of this country,” Trump’s aid on Israeli affairs David Friedman. During a closed door meeting with Israelis two weeks ago, Friedman spoke of the unprecedented support that Trump intends to provide to the Jewish state should he be elected president of the United States in November. Evidence of that support, he said, can be seen in the significant changes made to the Republican party’s platform this year. [...]

Abbas to Arab Leaders: Go to Hell

Abbas and Fatah leaders in Ramallah claim that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates (the “Arab Quartet”) are using and promoting Abbas’s rival, Mohamed Dahlan, in order to facilitate their mission of rapprochement with Israel. Many Palestinians were surprised to see veteran Palestinian official Ahmed Qurei, a former Palestinian Authority (PA) prime minister and one of the architects of the Oslo Accord, come out in favor of the Arab plan, which basically envisions ousting Abbas from power. This, and not Israeli policy, is Abbas’s true nightmare. After all, he knows that without Israel’s presence in the West Bank, his regime would have long fallen into the hands of Hamas or even his political rivals in Fatah. [...]

For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. And again,
The Lord shall judge his people. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Hebrews 10:30-31 KJV

The Battle at Hofstra !!!

The Battle for the Undecided Millennial Generation Begins at Hofstra
by Howard J. Warner - American Thinker

Analysts believe that up to 100 million people may watch the first debate on Monday at Hofstra University. Both candidates are vying for the largest potential voting bloc, the millennials of over 75 million, expected to be the smallest percentage watching. These citizens, who tend to be more liberal, have not taken to Clinton in the numbers that Obama and Sanders secured. Millennials are most worried about finding adequate jobs as their economic prospects have diminished under Obama’s administration. However, this concern is negated by their strong feeling against bigotry represented by race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and specifically Islamophobia. Hence the anti-Trump rhetoric from Clinton and her surrogates consistently cite him as a racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, anti-Hispanic. Clinton is viewed as more presidential, steady, and knowledgeable on issues national and international. She represents the present administration, the establishment, continued governmental growth in size and scope, catering to special interests, globalism, and the past. Trump offers a vision of change to a more nationalist, more limited international interventionism, economic revivalism, market-based solutions for problematic issues domestically, limited influence from Wall Street and environmentalists, and a populist orientation from the conservative perspective. Trump is considered more trustworthy, but not by enough. Trump’s reach to millennials resides in his ability to offer economic prospects while not diminishing any other groups (as Bill Clinton intimated a couple of weeks ago). [...]

In the primary debates, Trump showed what he'll bring to battle with Clinton
by Rick Hampson - USA TODAY

Donald Trump the debater is famous for calling others on stage “Little Marco” and “Lyin’ Ted,” for mocking Jeb Bush’s energy and Rand Paul’s look, for guaranteeing how big he is. In 11 primary debates, Trump also displayed less obvious tactics and tendencies that could indicate how he’ll debate Hillary Clinton on Monday at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., in the first of three contests. In the primary debates Trump was on stage for a total of almost 24 hours and spoke for three hours, 20 minutes and 7 seconds, a performance that “gives insights into how he could deal with Clinton, and she can deal with him,’’ says Aaron Kall, director of debate at the University of Michigan and editor of a new book, Debating the Donald. [...]

w vid Tics and tricks: Here's what Trump and Clinton's body language reveals
by Rick Hampson - USA TODAY

When speaking, he sometimes holds his elbows into his body as if protecting something. He repeatedly gestures with an “A-OK’’-type sign, and waves his open palms back and forth, like he’s playing an accordion. He forces a smile — mouth corners up! — looks self-satisfied and insincere at the same time. When speaking, she emphasizes a point by shaking a right fist with her thumb out on top — a gesture that wouldn’t be so distracting if it weren’t so reminiscent of the one from whom she apparently picked it up, her husband, the former president, at his most didactic. When Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debate Monday night, they’ll express themselves physically as well as verbally. Their body language — movements, posture, facial expressions — may inadvertently reveal as much about them as their words. Consultants call it “leakage.’’ It’s one thing to repeat talking points; it’s another to control the message you convey with your body. [...]

Tonight’s down-and-dirty Dem Debate
by Judi McLeod

On behalf of the Ruling Democrat Party, at 9 p.m. tonight, NBC will showcase the worst candidate for presidency ever in the running, next to her mentor Barack Hussein Obama. Upwards of 100 million viewers are expected to watch the first ‘Presidential Debate’ of 2016.  We’ve seen the Mainstream Media doing dirty Democrat work before in 2012, but this time out it’s NBC ‘moderator’  Lester Holt as CNN’s Candy Crowley, who did in Mitt Romney for Barack Obama with a well-placed lie. [...]

Stop stoking racial tensions when there's no reason for it
by Herman Cain

My friend Dr. Alveda King was on Fox News last week invoking the words of her uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King: “Either we live together as brothers or we die together as fools.” That seemed more important than ever as the riots in Charlotte entered a second night, and no one could say for sure how long it would last, or how many people would be hurt. It now appears that at least one life has been tragically lost. During the week, Rob gave you examples here, here and here of just how out-of-control these “peaceful protesters” got, while Dan explained how irresponsible reporting by the media stoked the riots in the first place. [...]

Regarding Charlotte, Black & Blue Lives and Lies
by Lloyd Marcus

Hi Folks. These are a few thoughts from the road. Mary and I are driving from our home in Florida up to visit her family in West Virginia and my family in Maryland. On Saturday, Pumphrey, the community I grew up in is having an event honoring my 88 year old preacher dad. Dad was a pillar of our black community. In the 60s, we Pumphrey elementary school students were bused to the recently integrated Brooklyn Park Jr/Sr High School. Saturday night, I have been asked to sing at my Brooklyn Park High School reunion. I will not tell you which year reunion because it sounds really old, even to me. Our car radio lost Rush and other talk radio favorites as we drove through states. In South Carolina, I stumbled across a southern gospel station that made me smile. “I’m Stickin’ With Jesus All The Way” was one of the great comforting songs we heard. Several radio stations touted traditional American values. We saw a huge billboard that read, “Blue Lives Matter, Trump/Pence.” My point is listening to mainstream media, one could easily conclude that we have lost the America we love. There are more of us who love God, our country, our National Anthem and our flag than those who do not. [...]

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Jill Stein at Hofstra for alternative debate, plans demonstrations
by Kyle Kandetzki

PHOTOS: Hofstra’s campus prepares for Monday’s presidential debate (New Saturday photos added)
by hofstra chronicle

Debate warrants hours of prep and over $4M
by Laurel OKeefe

Hofstra University expects to spend over $4.5 million to prepare for and host its third consecutive presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Monday, Sept. 26. Preparations for the first presidential debate of 2016 began when Wright State University (WSU) withdrew its bid to host in July due to rising security costs. Melissa […]

Presidential Debate 2016 at Hofstra University (1:11) set to HD
Published on Jul 29, 2016 -  Hofstra University
Hofstra University will host the first presidential debate on September 26, 2016. It will be the first university to
host three consecutive presidential debates. Join the conversation on social media #HofDebate16.

Previous debates '08 and '12 info ...

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Thanks beloved Patrick Wood ...
No, this is not some conspiracy story. Hard documentation has been released by the government
itself that proves the details. In short, our own Technocrat government has been playing God with its citizens.

⁃ TN Editor

The Military Has Repeatedly Conducted Dangerous Biowarfare Experiments On Americans
by Kevin Loria

On September 20, 1950, a US Navy ship just off the coast of San Francisco used a giant hose to spray a cloud of microbes into the air and into the city’s famous fog. The military was testinghow a biological weapon attack would affect the 800,000 residents of the city. The people of San Francisco had no idea. The Navy continued the tests for seven days, potentially causing at least one death. It was one of the first large-scale biological weapon trials that would be conducted under a “germ warfare testing program” that went on for 20 years, from 1949 to 1969. The goal “was to deter [the use of biological weapons] against the United States and its allies and to retaliate if deterrence failed,” the government explained later. “Fundamental to the development of a deterrent strategy was the need for a thorough study and analysis of our vulnerability to overt and covert attack.” Of the 239 known tests in that program, San Francisco was notable for two reasons, according to Dr. Leonard Cole, who documented the episode in his book “Clouds of Secrecy: The Army’s Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas.” [...]

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Published on Sep 25, 2016 - Mr Doom

Published on Sep 26, 2016 - Mr Doom

Mid-East Prophecy Update – September 25th, 2016 (41:46)
Published on Sep 25, 2016 - JD Farag
Pastor J.D. shares the three main reasons Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38 are about to be fulfilled
and why it’s important to understand their significance.

Israel in Prophecy: Third Temple Foretold—Bible Prophecy! (Part 1) (33:53)
Published on Dec 10, 2015 - RestoredCOG
Jerusalem’s Temple Mount is the most coveted archeological, religious, historical and cultural plot of ground in the world. It will soon become the epicenter of conflict in the Mideast—and ultimately the world. Bible prophecy reveals a third Temple will be built on this site. When and how will this happen? This broadcast reveals the shocking truth! Contact us:

Published on Sep 25, 2016 - Angel of Apocalypse

THE END IS NEAR - END TIME SIGNS WORLDWIDE -- Changes In The Earth [2016] (33:38) set to HD 
Published on Sep 25, 2016 - Kornbred Purpdrip
JESUS LOVES YOU!!! REPENT OF YOUR SINS!!! BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST: John 3:16 For God so loved the world,
that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Published on Sep 24, 2016 - RAW NEWS
LATEST UPDATE 2016. Are we about to see the prophecy of the bibles WORMWOOD come to pass? Will the planet be hit by a deep impact METEOR? Experts are warning the potentially world-ending space rock is heading towards us – but no one is certain how close it will actually come. Worryingly, it is not yet clear when the huge meteor – believed to be up to ten miles wide – will brush past the planet. The asteroid was spotted by astronomer Zhao Haibin using China’s largest telescope at Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing. The images of the asteroid, dubbed 2009ES by the Minor Planet Center, were captured by the 1.2 meter Schmit telescope last Wednesday. It is one of 1,640 near Earth asteroids – known as “minor bodies” – heading towards Earth, according to Chinese Academy of Science. Haibin said: “With the help of our images, astronomers across the globe have a more accurate moving trajectory of the asteroid.”Scientists are keeping a close eye on the meteor as just a minor change in its flight path could have catastrophic consequences for the human race.

The World in 2017: Prophetic Events are Happening Worldwide! (11:09) set to HD
Published on Sep 25, 2016 - Jason A

Published on Sep 24, 2016 - Barney Winner 5

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