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Submitted by: Donald Hank

On August 24, the Independence Day of Ukraine, the President Poroshenko spoke to the people of Donbass, saying that Ukraine loved them and would never forget about them, and adding that all the military equipment would go from the parade straight to Donbass,

On that day, the «love» of Ukraine cost Donbass two civilians killed, another six wounded and dozens of residential houses and vital infrastructure objects destroyed.

26 авг. 2016 г., в 15:50, DON HANK <> написал(а):

While a few Neocon commentators spread the nonsense that Putin is working against us, the bitter truth is that, as seen in Russia, he is a bootlicker of the US. While I can see why they think this way, I am not fully convinced, but that is how he is seen, as shown by the linked interview.
In the long run, we should be hoping and praying that Russia finds its own way economically and becomes independent of the US. Why? Because once the debt-based US economy collapses, we will need a financier from a NON-debt-based, ie, a production based, economy, and that will be Russia and China. (Europe can't help. They're in worse shape than we are).
Khazin has fallen into the same trap as Western analysts: he has ignored the vital role of China in the economies of both the US and Russia and the fact that China can serve as a prop for both the horrendously managed US economy (which can't stand on its own and requires a petrodollar agreement with the Saudis to stay afloat ( and the Russian economy deliberately damaged by US-imposed sanctions.
Don Hank

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