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Muslim Migrants In France Shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ As They Set Passenger Bus On Fire

by Geoffrey Grider

A viral video has captured a Muslim mob shouting 'Allahu akbar' stopping a bus before torching it, in what was the latest in a series of attacks on public transport in France.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Donald Trump said a few weeks ago that "France is no longer France", and boy, was he ever right. Yesterday's video of a Muslim mob in France setting a bus filled with passengers on fire tells you everything you need to know about what happens when Muslim migrants flood into your country. 

Services in Muslim migrant suburbs of France have been beset for years by regular attacks, stonings, violence, and threats. On the 27th of July a group of men blocked a road in Saint-Denis, forcing the oncoming bus to stop. The mob then torched the bus, apparently shouting 'Allahu akbar'. It took three water cannons for firefighters to quell the flames, and the bus route has now been re-routed.
Such incidents are not uncommon in the northern Paris suburb, where 36 per cent of residents were born overseas. The weekend before the 'Allahu akbar' torching, a bus driver and his passengers had to vacate the vehicle after people blocked it with a barricade of burning garbage. Windows of the bus were broken but no one was hurt.
Saint-Denis’ mayor Didier Paillard, of the Communist Party, said: “This act of premeditated vandalism, the consequences of which could have been tragic, follows an attempted homicide on a worker by a Molotov cocktail on July 22 and buildings being looted.”
The area has been the scene of numerous riots in the past, where in 2010 where gangs threw Molotov cocktails at one bus and torched several others. In 2005, huge riots in Saint-Denis saw 9,000 cars and dozens of public buildings and businesses set alight.
The following year violence erupted again after a teenager was arrested for attacking a bus driver, an act witnessed by the local mayor who gave evidence to police. Protesting the conservative mayor at least 150 youths, many with baseball bats, fought with riot police for more than four hours. The mob petrol-bombed buildings and smashed the windows of the town hall before gathering outside the mayor’s house, which they pelted with bricks.

In neighbouring Gennevilliers, bus drivers’ lives are made a hell with regular stonings, attacks, and threats.

One driver, speaking anonymously, told Le Parisien: “These actions of a few individuals heavily penalize the daily lives of residents whose buses are now diverted, and peace is threatened.
“It happens especially at night ... Most often, it is stone throwing. But a few months ago, a driver also had to face bullets.” He revealed: “When driving at such moments you think we try to do to do our work, but sometimes it is difficult.”
While temporary route changes in the wake of attacks on buses is not uncommon, some services have had t0 be terminated permanently.
Since late 2012, the 235 bus no longer passes through Gennevilliers’ Lute neighbourhood. In addition to repeated stone throwing, a bus driver was doused with petrol by “unknown persons” who then attempted to set fire to the vehicle with him inside.
The Kouachi brothers, who were the main perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, lived and were radicalised in Gennevilliers. source

Geoffrey Grider | August 3, 2016 URL:

UK ON LOCKDOWN: Islamic Terror Attack Leaves 1 American Dead, 5 Others Wounded

An American woman in her 60s was knifed to death and five others injured during a bloodbath attack carried out by a Norwegian-Somali Muslim man in central London last night.

Witnesses described victims “screaming and covered in blood” following the rampage in which the woman was brutally knifed by a man around 10.30pm. Police sources confirmed the attacker hailed from Norway and is of Somali descent – and added that he has shown no signs of radicalisation.
Other terrified onlookers described the crazed knifeman chasing pedestrians and “lunging for ... as police confirmed mental health was a likely factor.
A 19-year-old Muslim man was arrested at the scene after being tasered by police in Russell Square as officers yelled: “Put it down.” It comes as dramatic footage emerges of the suspect being arrested by police last night.
Witnesses reported the dying woman’s final words were: “He’s still here, he’s still here.”

Those injured were British, Australian, Israeli and another American.

London mayor Sadiq Khan urged people to remain "calm and vigilant". The horrific incident happened just yards from where one of the 7/7 terror attack bombs detonated in 2005.
One witness described a "chubby" white man in a t-shirt and shorts acting suspiciously. Fernando, 40, a paralegal from Brazil, said: "I was cycling by and people screamed at me to stop. It was a Spanish family who approached me.
"It was a mother and father and two sisters. Then I saw a white lady, in her sixties, slumped against the railings. "She had her head in a Spanish woman's lap, the lady, who was trying to keep her alive by talking to her. They were not related, I think the Spanish family were just passing by.
"She had been stabbed in the back. She was bleeding. There was an English man who was white, I'd say around 45. He had been stabbed in the side.
"Then there was another lady. I didn't know her nationality but I think she was white. She was in her twenties. She had been stabbed in her arm. source
Geoffrey Grider | August 4, 2016 URL:

Islamic Sympathizing DHS Secretary Blasts Trump for “Vilifying” Muslims

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Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, who claims that it is his job to give voice to the plight of the Muslims, blasted GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump over comments that he considers to be rhetoric that “vilifies Muslims.”
“Overheated rhetoric that fans the flames of fear and prejudice has consequences,” Johnson said on Wednesday at the annual Aspen Security Forum about Trump’s plans to halt Islamic immigration into the US, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. He also warned that anti-Muslim campaign statements are “a setback to our homeland security efforts.”
While Johnson claims to use intelligence from the Muslim community to stop “lone wolf” attacks, what he fails to understand is that they are not lone wolf attacks.
“There is very definitely a role for the public to play in this environment,” Johnson added. “The public can and has made a difference through vigilance and awareness.
Pamela Geller has rightly countered Johnson’s propaganda before when she wrote, “There are no lone wolves in the jihad war. There are millions of Muslim soldiers all over the world all following the same playbook – the Quran – and the same ideology – Islam.”
“But the media won’t ever tell you that,” she added. “It wouldn’t fit in with their pro-jihad propaganda offensive.”
Johnson claims to be optimistic about keeping America safe despite the threats the have been issued by the Islamic State and their supporters.
“In our world, good news is no news and nobody seems to be interested in the good news and the good work of Homeland Security employees every day,” Johnson said.
It’s because Homeland Security can’t even deal with itself. Does Johnson have his head in the sand? Does he not remember the Oklahoma beheading? What about San Bernardino? How about the Chattanooga shooting? What about Garland, Texas? What about the Orlando shooting? His unconstitutional agency has done absolutely nothing to stop terrorism, zero, zip nada.
The Gazette went on to report:
Johnson said the Islamic State group, which has taken over a wide swath of Iraq and Syria, now seeks to “inspire people to stay home and commit terrorist attacks. It’s low-risk low cost.”
The government can’t take on homegrown terrorists alone, he said. Tips from the public are key.
“I think there is a way to channel the sense of anxiety now into a more positive and constructive awareness of how we can support our homeland security law enforcement officials,” he said. “There is a role for the public to play.”
And just who are these “homegrown terrorists” Johnson is referring to? Quite possibly it is one of 72 types of American Patriots, those who do not engage in terrorism or violence, but believe in standing up for justice, truth and the foundations upon which our Republic was built.
Furthermore, I would ask Mr. Johnson if he is aware of just who armedfunded and trained those Islamic jihadists in Syria and Iraq. Doesn’t he know it’s the current administration?
Jeh Johnson is nothing more than a useful idiot, but he is up far too high in government to not know what is going on.
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Laura  J Alcorn

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