Thursday, August 4, 2016


People Reputed To Have Been Killed By Hillary Clinton

The list of names, also known as the Clinton Body Count, ranges anywhere from 50-90 depending on how far you dig and dates back to 1994 when former Representative William Dannemeyer listed 24 people with some connection to Clinton who had died due to unnatural circumstances and called for hearings on the matter. Since then, the list has grown but here are the top 5 names...

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Obama Bestows Highest Honor To Child Molester

Proving that no insult aimed at our brave men and women in uniform is too extreme, the Obama Regime just announced that it's going to name a new Navy ship after a renowned and infamous child molester...

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Breitbart Runs Photo of 15,000 Strong 'Trump Rally,' What the Photo Is Really Of Is Just Hilarious

When a news and politics website goes all in to support one political candidate, it has to be prepared to take the good with the bad. And for one Breitbart article published on Wednesday, it had to take the bad...

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Whatever Happened To These People Clinton Pardoned?

GOn his last day in office, Bill Clinton handed out presidential pardons to 140 people and the stench was so bad that people can still smell the stink in the air to this day. But what happened to some of these people? It might shock you to find out...

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