Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Submitted by: Defenders of Freedom and Security

Hillary Clinton and her campaign gave VIP access to the father of Omar Mateen, the Orlando terrorist who killed 49 people just two months ago. We must Stop Hillary from ruining America and our way of life!

While the media makes a story of every word out of Donald Trump's mouth, they ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton gave VIP access to the father of the Orlando terrorist. At a rally in Florida last night, Seddique Mateen, a Taliban supporter and the father of the man who committed the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11, was right behind Hillary, complete with a sign and endorsement. 
We spent the day putting this video together to make sure Americans are aware of the double standard in the media and the anti-American terrorist supporters who Hillary invites to her audience. 
Watch the video here and please help our ad campaign spread this video to as many Patriots as possible!

Hillary doesn't want Americans to see this ad. She is lying about his appearance at the event and the media refuses to cover the story. CNN doesn't have one story on their website about an avowed Taliban supporter standing right behind Hillary, yet they have 11 stories smearing Donald Trump instead.
Hillary takes hundreds of millions of dollars for her Clinton Foundation from Muslim countries that support terrorism. Saudi Arabia. Qatar. Iran. These countries that help terrorists kill "infidels" at the same time enrich the Clintons with millions of dollars. 
Now Clinton and her team invite the father of a terrorist, a father who pledged loyalty to the Taliban, to be front and center at her rally. He says he believes in "Hillary and the Democratic Party's values." 
I've had enough of Hillary and her anti-American friends. She must be defeated if America will continue to stand for Freedom, Security and the Rule of Law. 
Click the link below and help us spread this unique and timely video to Patriots nationwide. Your contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or any amount today goes straight into airing this ad. We will show this ad in every swing state and we need your help today. Help us spread the truth that CNN and the mainstream media won't!


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