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Is This Hillary Clinton’s “Medical Handler”? – Dr. Oladotun A Okunola M.D.?...

sundance | August 8, 2016 URL: http://wp.me/p1kzlW-vco
Since October 2012 we’ve noticed the reoccurring question of whether or not Secretary Hillary Clinton had a stroke. You might remember the evolving media reports at the end of October, beginning of November 2012.
First Secretary Clinton had a cold, that version later became a flu, that version later became a slip and fall, that version became a “concussion”, and that version finally evolved into “blood clots”, etc.

That series of medical conditions was followed by numerous reports a year later, during her book tour, that people were noting her difficulty with her eyesight, using her right arm, and seeming to tremble or be unstable when standing.
Many people wondered if the 2012 medical incident was actually “a stroke”.
hillary strokehillary stroke 2
The topic appeared and disappeared several times as specific incidents surfaced that seemed to indicate Hillary Clinton was struggling with some health issues.  The curiosity was fueled in 2015 by the Clinton campaign announcing they would not release Clinton’s medical records. 
Then there is the mysterious growth several people noted on her tongue, the coughing, the speech pattern issue.  –Previously Discussed Here– And what appears to be a biopsy of some kind to remove the growth.
clinton tongue 1
However, more recently independent journalist/researcher Mike Cernovich has begun looking at Secretary Clinton’s worsening physical abilities. – See Here –  And he asked the question who is the medical handler that seems to be consistently at Hillary Clinton’s side –See Here –
Secretary Clinton appeared to have suffered an episode recently during a speech where she froze on camera.  This “freezing”, and seemingly obvious “confusion” has been noticed before:
hillary clinton stroke 1
So the question was/is raised, about a possible physician who may be part of Hillary Clinton’s entourage keeping her health in check.  (pictured above)
Several people began to look into who this rather large black male figure might possibly be.  He does not fit the customary physical profile, attributes required, for an ordinary Secret Service agent.  However, it is possible he could be personal security, or individually specialized and medically trained, to work within the security agency.
One person (via twitter), following the possible Doctor angle, has discovered a medical doctor who does seem to fit the description, and while somewhat younger and thinner in the profile picture, does also match the visual physical appearance (link).

hillary doctor
However, I would caution people not to mix up two very different people within the Clinton team who do hold strong physical resemblances.
There is at least one large black male customary secret service agent, in addition to the possible medical assistant (or medically trained agent), and –at least from behind– they can be confused.
hillary doctor 2
It should also be noted that it’s not unique for specialized and medically trained Secret Service agents to be assigned to details with people who might need medical attention.
There have been multiple instances where high profile political figures have also had medical issues (Bill Clinton -Heart Bypass Surgery- is one recent example).
Just because a uniquely medically trained person is assigned to Hillary Clinton, doesn’t mean much more than her unique health condition is simply an additional factor to be considered along with the host of other factors.
hillary doctor 3
hillary doctor 4
But Hillary Clinton sure does appear sickly at times (as above).  And she doesn’t do half as much campaigning as Bernie Sanders did, or Donald Trump does.
Maybe that’s why people who interact with her say: she’s always grouchy.
bill clinton doc
hillary clinton stroke 1

Clinton Disoriented Again – Looks Lost, Stops Talking To Gather Herself

by Rick Wells
Rick Wells | August 9, 2016 URL: http://wp.me/p4yNKg-8Ae

clinton disoriented again


It’s hard not to feel like Hillary Clinton has it coming to her and many Americans would never waste the effort or betray our sense of right and wrong, of good triumphing over evil, of divine intervention on behalf of the American people against the tyrannical authoritarians who are attempting to wrest control of our nation away from us permanently.
We have always known Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate from a moral standpoint as well as her lack of abilities. But it wasn’t enough for us to know it, the Democrats are the best of liars and they simply played the denial, redirect and project game to thwart the revelation of the truth and persuade their reality phobic supporters to believe their lies.
Now that reality is clearly rearing its ugly head and biting Hillary Clinton in the pantsuit. Her mental and physical health is now increasingly becoming a topic of discussion as Clinton has episode after episode of involuntary motion and the lost ability to function.
In today’s incident she gets a helpless look on her face and seems to become disoriented when speaking about getting healthcare costs, something Obamacare was supposedly going to fix, out of a rising spiral. She’s clearly disoriented for a moment before she appears to gather herself and continue.
Yesterday photos of her needing to be helped up a few steps surfaced on top of the existing videos of her attacks while interacting with the public. It’s becoming obvious that she has been avoiding non-structured events and contact with the public in order to avoid the stimuli that cause such episodes as well as minimizing the likelihood of them happening in front of a camera.
We can expect that in the future, as short as it may be for this now ailing traitor to America, to see her positioned behind a podium or seated at her events. Another fall, at her age and with her medical history could be quite serious. She’s trying to stretch it out to gain control of the White House, to insert a Democrat of some type in for the final chapter of our destruction.
That may not happen. The old gal might not have another 96 days in her. It’s time for the old nag to be put out to pasture. Graybar Farms has space available.

Laura  J Alcorn
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