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Insane new WikiLeaks email released and something goes "Tick Tock"

07Aug, 2016by 
Just as I predicted, WikiLeaks is going to be an ongoing thorn in the Hildabeast’s side.
They just dropped new emails where Clinton bragged of her involvement in Libya, which gave rise to the Syrian refugee crisis and the emergence of ISIS.
Interestingly enough, and really foreboding for Clinton, are the words “tick tock on Libya” in the subject line.
This is another nail in the coffin for Hillary on Libya and WikiLeaks has promised there will be much more on this subject released. They intend to expose Clinton all the way on this one and show just how culpable she was in everything that went on with Libya – including gun running.
From BizPac Review:
When Hillary Clinton is asked about her plan to invade Libya while she was secretary of state, she often passes the buck to President Obama, saying he ultimately had to make the final decision.

But, new emails from WikiLeaks’ hack into Clinton’s private email server show she openly bragged about having a “critical voice” in the invasion of Libya, which ultimately led to the rise of the Islamic State and the Syrian refugee crisis.
Take a look:
At the same time I was making this prediction, Rush Limbaugh did as well. He predicted the emails would show her involvement with toppling Moammar Gadhafi and gun running.
Now, let’s give credit where it is due here... Glenn Beck was the one that predicted this the minute Benghazi went down. That Obama and Clinton had been involved in a CIA/State Department gun running scheme that went horribly wrong and then they tried to cover it up.
Well, here we are... and WikiLeaks is about to provide the proof of Hillary’s complicity in all of this. Those guns were meant for Syrian rebels and eventually wound up in the hands of ISIS. Hillary is about to have a bad run of it thanks to WikiLeaks. Couldn’t happen to more corrupt politician – no sympathy here. I just wish it had come out long ago.

Laura  J Alcorn

We came, we saw, he died.

Death of Gadaffi

Now ISIS is in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Europe, and US.

Countless people have died horrific deaths such as burning alive, crucifixion, beheading, being buried alive, dismemberment, and death by gang rape. Kidnappings and slavery are common occurrences in ISIS controlled territories.

This is one of Hillary’s legacies.

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