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IT’S WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT: Photos of Hillary’s Handler Lead to More Questions about her Health

Clyde | August 7, 2016  URL:

Guest Post by Joe Hoft
In recent bizarre events on the campaign trail a strange man was noticed at Hillary
Clinton’s side.
Via Mike Cernovich:
Danger and Play has much more.
The man is dressed like a secret service agent but his actions prove otherwise.
In a recent campaign stop in a Union Hall in front of a sparse crowd, at about the time when some liberal protesters began to protest, Hillary Clinton suddenly froze. She looked dazed and lost. Seeing this, a group of men rushed to assist the candidate on the stage. One man however gently pats the candidate’s back and then says, “Keep Talking.”
An expert on Secret Service tactics told TGP Secret Service agents would not touch a candidate in the manner that this individual did and especially Hillary Clinton. It is widely reported on Hillary’s disdain for the agents who work to protect her. The man who touches Hillary may be a member of Hillary’s close staff – but he is NOT a Secret Service agent.
This man is still unknown although the web has now reported pictures of him at several outings with Hillary – assisting the weak and tired candidate. The fact that the man gets on stage, touches Hillary and then tells her what to do next, is very questionable.
...and another – who is this guy? But, more importantly, why is he with Hillary?

Clyde | August 4, 2016 at 8:05 pm  URL:
Hillary Clinton held a rally today in a little cracker box room at an IBEW Hall.
Only a few hundred were in attendance.
Unfortunately, leftist protesters infiltrated the rally and started screaming.
She froze.
It was weird.
Watch the video here:
Hillary froze and the Secret Service had to jump on stage.  (We now know that it was her handler and not the Secret Service.  lja)
She finally came out of it after several seconds and started talking again.
Hillary then told the crowd< “Trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals.”

Shock photos: 'Unstable' Hillary needs help climbing stairs

In this heated presidential race where being “fit” and “stable” have become terms in the arsenal of both campaigns, startling photographs emerged Sunday showing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton apparently getting help in climbing up some stairs.
The photos, published by the Reuters and Getty news agencies, show Mrs. Clinton, 68, receiving help as she tries to ascend a staircase in front of a home. The images were actually taken in February when the former first lady was campaigning for president in South Carolina.
The popular Drudge Report splashed a banner headline Sunday evening that stated, “2016: Hillary conquers the stairs.”
Mrs. Clinton has a history of falling. After fainting and falling in 2013 while U.S. secretary of state, she was treated for a blood clot in a vein in her head at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia hospital.

Reporter Kyle Olson of the American Mirror asked in a brief article about the new photos on the stairs, “At what point is the mainstream media going to question Clinton’s health status?”
Some online comments from readers include:
  • “Her ‘left leg,’ looks like it is about to be left behind on that last step. Definitely, not, looking good. (Cocktails in the car ... lunch ... or something else (?) ... or just another, of a ‘thousand cuts’).”
  • “Can’t walk, needs assistance, can’t think, often confused, can’t see, has double vision, wears long coats to hide her adult diapers, has multiple seizures on camera, left in middle of debate for unexplained reason, called Donald Trump her husband, massive coughing fits during speeches.”
Clinton’s health has been a concern to some during this campaign after a variety of issues emerged.
July 21 video posted on YouTube shows Clinton’s head suddenly turning and shaking vigorously for several seconds.
Blogger Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit headline it: “Wow!” Did Hillary Clinton Just Suffer a Seizure on Camera?”
“The poor woman is in worse shape than we thought,” he wrote.
Last month, the American Mirror reported a coughing fit that broke out as someone else was speaking during an appearance.
WND reported in January, following several of the coughing fits, that her refusal to answer questions about them – or to explain why she wore eyeglasses fitted with Fresnel prisms – raised concerns from several physicians that her campaign was keeping health records hidden.
She had a huge coughing fit during a speech in New York City.
At the time, WND asked several physicians if they believed the glasses, which are used to correct double vision, could be related to the concussion she suffered in December 2012 that resulted in a blood clot in her head.
WND also asked whether Clinton’s repeated coughing bouts could be related to her hypothyroid condition for which she is taking Armour Thyroid, as WND previously reported, a natural remedy made from desiccated pig glands, or from her apparently congenital predisposition to form blood clots. To prevent clots, as WND reported, she is taking Coumadin, otherwise known as warfarin, an old but commonly prescribed blood-thinning medication originally developed as a rat poison.

WND also reported the medication Clinton has taken since 1998 to deal with her blood-clotting problems may have side effects such as blurred vision and confusion, both of which she has experienced. And a California physician warned Coumadin could be more life-threatening to her than the possibility of a recurring blood clot.
“It is very hard to draw substantial conclusions from the limited medical information we have on Hillary Clinton,” explained Dr. Todd Lasner, a neurosurgeon at Mount Sinai Medical in Miami.
“We cannot opine with 100 percent certainty, because we do not have all the medical facts,” he said. “Fresnel prisms are typically used to correct double vision, to refract light through the prism so you can see a single image as you are normally used to seeing.
“My first suspicion would be the Fresnel prisms were prescribed for Hillary Clinton because of nerve damage causing double vision resulting from a trauma to her head, possibly from the fall causing the concussion,” Lasner concluded. “But without her medical records, I cannot say for certain.”
Dr. Daniel Kassicieh, D.O., a dual board certified osteopathic neurologist and a leading headache specialist who directs the Florida Headache and Movement Disorder Center in Sarasota, Florida, agreed that the diagnosis of Clinton’s double vision and the prescription of a Fresnel prism lens would require consultation with a medical specialist.
“I saw Hillary Clinton first wearing the eyeglasses with the Fresnel prisms when she testified to Congress on Benghazi in January 2013, and she continued to wear them a while,” Kassicieh told WND at the time. “Then I saw her again this week in Las Vegas wearing those black eyeglasses with the Fresnel prism lenses, and I wondered when her double vision came back, or if it never really went away.”
Kassicieh said he noticed Clinton’s coughing spells seem also to be a persistent and recurring problem.
“I think Hillary’s cough is a separate medical problem from her double vision,” he said. “But it makes me wonder if there isn’t something else going on with her health that we don’t know about.”
Dr. Ronald Hoffman, a New York City physician who hosts the nationally syndicated radio program “Intelligent Medicine,” told WND in a telephone interview then that without the medical records, “we really have no idea what the medical condition causing Hillary Clinton to be wearing eyeglasses fitted with Fresnel prism lenses.”
Hoffman is past president of the nation’s largest organization of complementary and alternative doctors, the American College for Advancement in Medicine, or ACAM. He’s the founder and medical director of the Hoffman Center, specializing in a natural medicine approach that combines nutritional and metabolic medical assessment tools with high-tech innovations in traditional medicine.
Talk-radio titan Michael Savage finds it fascinating that the media would focus on Trump’s supposed craziness while failing to explore Hillary’s mental state.
“Very interesting, considering Obama is clearly a sociopathic liar,” Savage, author of “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder,” told WND. “Hillary is a sociopathic liar. Of course they would try to smear a man who built his own empire rather than stealing it from the taxpayers and foreign governments. Of course his mental state intrigues them given their own mental deficiencies and pathologies. To the coelenterates in the media, transsexual songs ring truer, Islamists do not exist and there is no terror, only a lack of jobs. So who is the sickest?”
Hillary Clinton has indeed become well known as a serial liar, as fully two-thirds of Americans, 68 percent in a recent poll, said she was neither honest nor trustworthy. Not only does Clinton lie to protect herself, as she has regarding Benghazi and her private email server, but she lies when there appears to be no benefit to doing so.
For example, she famously claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary for his conquering of Mt. Everest, even though that didn’t happen until six years after Clinton was born. She also notoriously claim she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia in 1996, when newspaper and video accounts revealed exactly the opposite.
“Robert Reich, M.D., a New York City psychiatrist and expert in psychopathology, says compulsive lying can be associated with dementia or brain injury,” Dr. Gina Loudon, a political psychology and behavior expert, told WND. “Otherwise, compulsive lying can be associated with a range of diagnoses, such as antisocial, borderline and narcissistic personality disorders.
“This might explain Hillary’s consistent unlikability factor, along with her consistent denial of lies, even in her lying about FBI Director Comey pointing out that she lied multiple times. Most of America believes her to be a liar, and yet she seems to have zero remorse, even and up to the point of costing American lives.”
In addition to pathological lying, Clinton’s temper has reportedly been a problem in the past. A former military K9 handler described how then-Secretary of State Clinton once flew into a blind rage, yelling “get that f**king dog away from me.” She then berated her security detail for the next 20 minutes about why the dog was in her quarters. After Clinton left after slamming the door in their faces, the leader of the detail explained to the K9 handler, “Happens every day, brother.”
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