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Bill Shuey posted: "The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) of 1952, a.k.a. the McCarron-Walter Act was passed to restrict the blanket immigration of certain individuals who, because of communist affiliation of other undesirable qualities, would be excluded from entry into.....

BJ3: This really should be all ANY pro-USA American needs to know...From: Jenny...
Hillary: “We Are Going To Start Immediately” On Amnesty  "I am determined that we are going to achieve comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship."
From: Jenny...ICE Union Head Savages Paul Ryan on Out-Of-Control Illegal Immigration

From: Jenny...Twin Falls Crisis Imposed by Clinton-Era Pro-Refugee Advocates
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From: "doug walk"
"Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson is “extending the designation of the Syrian Arab Republic (Syria) for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for 18 months, from October 1, 2016 through March 31, 2018, and redesignating Syria for TPS for 18 months, effective October 1, 2016 through March 31, 2018.”  (The Obama/Clinton criminal cartel is illegally "forcing" USA to endure the same problems Europe has with crimigrants) [US citizens better get ready for rapes, robberies, assaults, murders, joblessness, compliments of Obama/Clinton cartel]
Obama Extends Syrian Migrant Protections Amid Texas Resistance - Conservative News

From: Jenny...Mixed Messaging: Paul Ryan’s Campaign Saying Different Things Than His Congressional Office About Pacific Rim Obamatrade
From: audree lynn...So Hillary can't win FL on her own merits but needs PR.  Unqualified, period... From:  John
Subject: HC plans to 'invite' Puerto Ricans to vote in Florida Nov. election.  Plot, lie and scheme.  That's all she knows. The State better get a handle on this fast and make sure all voters are legally allowed.
HC plans to 'invite' Puerto Ricans to vote in Florida Nov. election
Democrat Hillary Clinton is plotting to invite in as many Puerto Rico nationals as possible to vote in central Florida in November’s election.

BJ3: As readers/contributors know, our polls have shown Trump at +10 (at the least, 12-14 lately) since last year. We have ALERTED  all constantly that “you just can’t trust the bigboys”. And lately, the bigger, the less trusted...From: Jenny... EXPOSED: 5 Shocking Stats That Prove Trump Is BEATING the Media’s Rigged Polls
From: Jenny...Trump to Deliver One of Biggest Tax Cuts Since Reagan, Aide Says   Trump has promised to unveil a new policy agenda for “revitalizing the American economy” in a speech Monday at the Detroit Economic Club.

From: Jenny...Jeff Sessions SCOLDS Obama for Giving Felons Unprecedented Gift
BJ3: excellent “REMOVE” list once Trump gets in.....From: Lee S Gliddon Jr...A STARTLING NUMBER OF GOP TRAITORS IN CONGRESS...

BJ3: This may be old news to many.  Still we thought it rated a run anyway.

From: Louis Z   From: Bob Flack   From: Gene   From Tim Collins....... Clinton’s VP pick Kaine: Promoting jihadis in America in exchange for cash

BJ3: And so he comes out and says he’ll vote Trump?
From: Rob E
LYIN’ TED CRUZ gets closer to losing his Texas Senate seat as he finally comes clean about his support for Hillary Clinton
From: Mary Seales...
I read about this in my NRA magazine. 
Maybe this will get in the hands of someone who can help this man. (If you own a gun, you should be an NRA member - they only have 5 million members; supposedly 100 million households own guns.)
.....It is deplorable that a disabled senior citizen has to go through this.
By Stephen Frank on Aug 03, 2016 07:53 pm     San Fran Nan said we needed ObamaCare so health care could be affordable for the poor.  Now we know even that was a Pelosi lie—even with low costs and taxpayer subsidies, the poor can no longer afford ObamaCare—remember, they also have high deductibles.  Oh, on November 1 the Central Coast of California will see a […]

From: Savage...An update on the Obamacare disaster...
BJ3: Or too doped up (esp, “regular” meds) to realize....From: Rob E
Americans Are Too Stupid to Realize That a Doped Up Nation is a Defeated Nation
From: Savage...Charts tell why 9,000 businesses have left California in just 7 years

From: Savage...After Brexit, now Clexit: Push to withdraw from Paris climate treaty

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