Sunday, August 7, 2016


McCain Facing Tough Primary Opponent, and Now Lindsey Graham is 'Up at Night' Worrying... 

Dear Conservatives,

Co-father of John McCain's 'Gang of Eight' amnesty for illegals, Sen. Lindsey Graham has just blasted out a desperate email crying out that he just can't sleep at night because his 'Open Borders' partner John McCain could be about to lose reelection to the Senate.
U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham:

"The worst thing we can do is take statesmen like John McCain for granted.  He's in the middle of a tough reelection fight where victory is far from certain... I'm going to stand up to these thugs -- and I need John McCain fighting at my side."
Actually, the "worst thing" is Sen. McCain's actual record in Washington, with his unfettered support for 'open borders' amnesty, tax hikes, big bank bailouts, big wars. bloated spending, and votes to confirm Obama's liberal judges, who then go on to inflict Obama's radical agenda on future generations.
Fortunately, voters have another candidate - conservative Republican Kelli Ward - who is challenging McCain for his Senate seat.  She can pull-off a major upset, but time is running out for us to help her.   
On August 30, the voters go to the polls in Arizona.  Early voting has already begun.
Please immediately do whatever you can to help by clicking here.
This is a battle we can WIN (and should WIN!)

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