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Donald Trump doesn’t have to be a Christian for God to use him.

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Since Donald Trump started his campaign we’ve had a multitude of so called Christian conservatives penning on their blogs how they, due to moral purity cannot ever vote for someone like Donald Trump.
I’m not too sure what that’s supposed to mean because not one of the multitude know Trump personally.
I suppose they have simply read and heard that he’s a bad guy, he’s immoral, he’s rude, arrogant, has a lousy hair style and all manner of stuff that defines him as a non-Christian.
I read where one blogger wrote in all his spiritual wisdom that God never uses an unrepentant sinner to fulfill His will.
I pointed out to the gentleman that God used Artaxerxes the king in allowing, and helping Nehemiah rebuild the wall at Jerusalem, yea, Artaxerxes even sent some captains of his army and horsemen to provide protection for Nehemiah’s journey. I also said that there are many ‘unrepentant’ sinners whom God used throughout the Bible in making sure His plan is accomplished.
I think a better example of the above is in the book of Genesis.
Shortly after God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah Abraham took a journey winding up in Gerar. Now Abraham and his wife Sarah were pretty old, yet Sarah was still very beautiful.
About 25 years before that,  there was a situation where Abraham was passing through Egypt and instructed Sarah to say that he was her brother because he was afraid the Egyptians would kill him and take her. Same situation here, Abraham told Abimelech, the King of Gerar that Sarah was his sister and Sarah went along with the lie ( actually a “half-lie” if there is such a thing. Because she indeed was his half-sister) and said that Abraham was her brother. Abimelech took Sarah and added her to his harem, but didn’t touch her.
Okay, now we all know that Jesus Christ was to be from the seed of Abraham through Sarah. So, in essence Abraham was kind of throwing a wrench in God’s plan.
Imagine if Abimelech actually had ‘relations’ with Sarah. That would have cast tremendous doubt whether eventually Jesus was of Abraham’s seed, as confirmed by the geneologies in the Bible. Again, if Abimelech “took” her there would be no proof as to the lineage of Christ.
Anyway, God spoke to Abimelech one night saying that he’s a “dead man” because of taking Sarah and putting her into his harem. Abimelech said, (paraphrasing) “Hey Lord, I didn’t know she was the guy’s wife! I haven’t touched her. In the integrity of my heart I did this thing. The guy said, “She’s my sister and even she said, “He’s my brother!”
God answered Abimelech saying, “I know all this and that’s why I didn’t allow you to touch the woman. Now, restore the man his wife and because he’s a prophet, he will pray for you and you will live. But if you don’t, you and every one with you will die.”
Apparently, God was already cursing the kingdom of Abimelech by making the women barren.
Now, here is where God actually used Abimelech ... he called Abraham and said, (paraphrasing)  “Hey man! What have you done to me and my kingdom by bringing on me this great sin? What did I do to you that you would put me in such a situation? You’ve done things to me that you shouldn’t have!”
Abraham brought forth his lame excuse, “I didn’t think the fear of God was here and that when you guys saw my beautiful wife you’d kill be and take her. Sorry about that.”
Abimelech then reproved Sarah, gave Abraham a thousand pieces of silver, a bunch of oxen and and sheep and stuff and sent Abraham away saying, “You are free to go anywhere in my kingdom and live where you please.”
Abraham then prayed and God healed Abimelech and opened the wombs of the women.
Abimelech was a pagan King, an idol worshiper. Yet God used the guy in rebuking Abraham for his lack of faith and to fulfill His promise to us that Christ would come through Abraham and Sarah.
I wrote all that to say who’s to know how God could use Donald J. Trump in fulfilling His will for America?
It makes me sick every time I read some sanctimonious Christian say he/she just can’t bring themselves to vote for the likes of Donal Trump and they don’t even know him ... essentially voting for Hillary Clinton.
In my view, Donald Trump is a saint in comparison.
Oh, I’m voting for Donald Trump and I pray he wins.

Laura  J Alcorn
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