Sunday, July 31, 2016


Submitted by: Donald Kank

These deaths are suspicious but what REALLY raises my hackles is this FB page  (
 with a  note from Snopes about the murder being coopted by the right as "fodder." No matter what anyone posts, this Snopes post stays at the TOP dominating the page! Look, TO ACCOMPLISH THIS, this page could ONLY have been accessed by someone with the victim's password and since he was dead, it obviously was NOT done with his permission.
So if YOU are killed under suspicious circumstances, there are people within the Facebook organization who can and may add a  note to your page saying you were NOT killed by people suspected of killing you. This is outrageous!
This is a legal matter for the police to decide so the FB operatives are illegally interfering with an investigation, possibly on behalf of the killers.
And BTW, how did they do this so quickly? Were they prepared before he died?
Don Hank

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