Sunday, July 3, 2016


Muslim Advocates President Won't Answer Question about Scrubbing Islamic Jihad from Govt & FBI Documents
Faked Hate: Perp of "Islamophobic Hate Crime" is a Muslim
Bestiality is Already Considered Legal in 11 States
New Evidence Suggests the IRS Broke Federal Law
Another Lawsuit against the Unconstitutional TSA - This Time from a Bloodied and Bruised Disabled Teen Patient
Disbarment Charges Filed Against Baltimore State Attorney Mosby (Video)
Bangladesh Terror Nightmare. What Is The Truth Behind It And Why This Is So Dangerous?
Junkyard Prophet Releases Patriotic Tunes from Its New Album Ahead of Independence Day!
Lesbian Couple Adopts Young Boy And Forces Him To Be Homosexual
Of 2,300 Syrians Who Came to America, 8 Are Christians
U.S. Accepts Record Number of Syrian Refugees in June Despite Terrorist Screening Worries
America: Love Him or Leave It!
Reported Active Shooter at Andrews Base Turns Out to Be Exercise: “Confusion Over Drill Or Actual Incident”
The Real Democratic Party? Part 2
First Human Death in Self-Driving Car: “Not Sophisticated Enough” for Bright Blindness
16 Reasons Why I Hate You
Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Stonewalls on Purge of “Offensive to Muslim” Intel

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