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From: Sher...Great video at the site.  Ryan has been a stealth NWO leftist for years.  Looks like his stealth days may finally be over...From: Dave Hollenbeck...From: Powdered Wig Society...
From: blueislandbobsue...
See the link below.  Yes, it is worth the time to view the video, very touching indeed.  Also read the article also for one of the mothers speaks out.  As I have said before, May God's Blessings and Protection encompass Mr. Trump and his family as they walk on this somewhat problematic path to achieve the Presidency.  A Happy and Hopeful 4th of July...
From: Lea...Take a look how much people LOVE Trump!!
From: IPatriot...Can a Christian Justify Not Voting for Trump- ...”At the end of the day, any real Christian cannot fathom the globalist winning and the United States ceasing to exist.  Already, Judge Posner, appointed by Reagan declared the U.S. Constitution irrelevant.  He does not decide cases using the standard that’s been employed since the nation’s founding.  If Christians do not rise up this time, if we stay home because “our” candidate didn’t make the cut, then we must accept the responsibility the globalist wins, nominates globalists to the Supreme Court, and outlaws guns and Christianity.”
Donald Trump Says He’s Running Against Two Parties [VIDEO]
From: Allan Wall...Trump a "Mexican judge" and the media 

From: Rob E...Donald Trump condones supporter's request to fire Muslim women border security staff who wear 'hibi jabis' 
From: Sher Zieve...From: Dave Hollenbeck
‘Fact Checker’ LIES About Trump’s Latest Claim, But Here Are The Facts

BJ3: And the diGenova commentary was in January 2016...From: charlite  From: Bruce M...Date: July 2, 2016...I have done some fact checking on this item.
From: sherzieve  
From: "doug walk" "if you’re ready to give up and let Hillary win, remind yourself what’s really at stake. Another four years of oppressive, job-killing climate regulations. Another four years of “immigration reform” that will endanger our security and weaken our economy. Another four years of unrestrained liberalism – strengthened by her Supreme Court picks. Another four years of treating Islamic terrorism as
though it doesn’t exist
"  (Go ahead sheeple, give up and ALLOW hitlery destroy America, or WAKE UP).....
Only a Trump Victory Can Give Us Our Country Bac
From: sherzieve...
YOU BETCHA'!  And we'd better heed it now...immediately!  Our time is almost up...From: "John Rolls"
om: sherzieve  

From: Sher...From: "doug walk"...
"They do it [lie] with impunity, knowing that the economy is too complex for the average reader to find holes in their coverage(The lies are endless, virtually unbelievable, and they actually laugh at us while the unbelievably brain-dead liberals cheer them on) [And congress sit's back and say's "NOTHING"]
Employment: Barack Obama's Greatest Myth | Fix This Nation .com
From: Rob E...American flags burned, vandalized, stolen across U.S.
From: sherzieve...
These TSA goons commit such deplorable, violent and egregious acts on obviously innocent Americans--somewhere each day--that its amazing Congress hasn't stepped in to legislate that which they may and mat not do.  Then, again, the TSA is simply a part of the police state Obama is "executive ordering" into existence...and both political parties appear to want it that way....From: "doug walk" ...
(Obama's [brown-shirt] TSA is assisting travelers and protecting USA , "DON'T WORRY, YOUR'E IN GOOD HANDS", folks, o'homo's taking good care of your [2nd class] kids)
Disabled St. Jude patient sues airport and TSA after bloody scuffle with Airport Police |    "NO, this is NOT an isolated incident"
From: Rob E...Liberal federal judge who outlawed racial profiling now a victim of black mob violence  
Tomi Lahren Was Called ‘Racist’ for Her Response to BET Speech, But She’s Got a Helluva Comeback…

From: Rob E...When black 911 operators go bad and help their gangster friends
BJ3; Yep. There is no real Republican Party anymore (or real Democrat one either for that matter). Real “checks and balances” stopped at least 10 years ago...when they decided it was better to cut up the pie than fight for constituents.
From: sherzieve...
RE...Isn't it amazing how even with a republican majority in the house, democrats call the shots, and want a list they control with NO due process. That's because all too many RINOs vote WITH the Dems.
From: "doug walk" (Isn't it amazing how even with a republican majority in the house, democrats call the shots, and want a list they control with NO due process)
House of Representatives reignites gun-control debate with planned vote - One America News Network...
“We are going to get something done this year, I predict,” Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid told reporters. “I think we’re going to take a bite out of the NRA.”

From: sherzieve...
From: "John Rolls"
From: sherzieve ...FYI...The following websites are fake news websites that prey on conservatives

BJ3: A timely repeat...From: sherzieve.... Another illegal EO on its way...
From: "Technocracy News"

FEC and FCC Commissioners Warn Federal Regulation Of Internet Coming

By Paul Bedard on Jul 01, 2016 08:28 am   In an effort to control everything, Technocrats seek to control what is said on the Internet. Short of controlling this, they also seek to control what you read. Google has already been caught red-handed in skewing search results. Likewise, Facebook has been accused of manipulating feeds to exclude certain items and themes, while promoting others.»

From: Jenny...Lion Loves Wiener Dog

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