Tuesday, July 26, 2016


The DNC Broke a Federal Law on Day 1 of their Convention!

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Democrat Leader Loses Job after being Unmasked as Corrupt Liar… Immediately Hired by Hillary Clinton

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Bernie Supporters Censored at DNC
A Hillary Clinton Delegate Explains their Stealth Campaign to Ban Guns
Germany Reeling after 4th Muslim Attack in Less than a Week!
The Risk That Will Define Ted Cruz’s Political Career
Abraham Lincoln Once Explained what America Needs in 2016
Hungarian Prime Minister Praises Trump on Terrorism
Julian Assange Spills on Google, Hillary Clinton’s Blood Lust for Power, Murder, and Eliminating Free Speech [video]
“Interfaith” Prayer at the DNC Has Everything Except… People
Leaked Democrat Emails Prove Clinton Nomination was Rigged from the Start!
Hillary’s Choice for V.P. is also Anti-Israel
Must Watch Movie of the Year: “Hillary’s America”
This Giant of the Faith will be missed
America Owes Nixon an Apology Because of Hillary
Will Conservatives Lobby for Babies or War during the Trump Administration?
John Kerry’s New Whopper: AC Units As Bad As ISIS
These Animals Should Be Called “Funnymals” [Really Funny Video]
Hillary’s Only “Accomplishment”
Islamic Terror Hits Germany Again and Trump Delivers a Speech for the Ages!
The Munich Massacre and Ghosts of Our Past
Today, July 26, 1775: US Post Office Established by Congress

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