Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Submitted by: Donald Hank

If I am counting right, there has been an attack every day for a while in Europe. Merkel is laying low. Hollande is still saying he will fight the bad guys mercilessly, but all he has done so far is bomb civilians in Syria. To paraphrase Trump: Yeah, you're a real tough guy, Francois.
Meanwhile, Catholic clerics are saying all people can do is pray and love.
Did they never read this http://biblehub.com/ecclesiastes/3-8.htm?
But the Pope likes open borders too. He thinks the more "refugees" the better. He even condemns Trump for wanting to build a wall, says that is not Christian. He forgets that there is a 40 ft wall all the way around the Vatican.
This mess will not stop until the false Christians and do-gooders get out of the way of law enforcement and sensible immigration laws.
Yes, wise Solomon was right: a time for war... and a time for peace. Notice the all-important sequence. It will never work the other way around.


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