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BJ3: Nail ‘im, Nehlen....From: sherzieve  
From: "cam39470"...
Double Talking Double Talking Paul Ryan
Nehlen Puts Ryan On Defense: Forces Speaker To Defend To Having Wall For Himself But Not Country by Julia Hahn - 12 Jul 2016 - Washington D.C......House Speaker Paul Ryan is trying to defend his decision to have a personal border wall to protect his home, while refusing to build a border wall to protect America. Ryan says that the reason he needs a personal border wall is because he has three children.  “Having a backyard fence for three dogs and three kids is not a half-bad idea,” Ryan said during his Monday interview with Wisconsin’s NBC15.

From: Dave Bertrand.....
WARNING for the following cities.....Friends and Associates:
     We CANNOT take this lightly as "Black Lives Matter" has declared war on EVERYONE and the cities listed below are target cities on JULY 15th.
This will only be days before the GOP Convention and we can expect tremendous chaos across the board. Obama is still in denial and basically blaming Whites and cops for the why Blacks feel as though their only problem is because of cops, when statistics show, most every Black neighborhood is riddled with crime and murders (by Blacks).
     This war is being fueled by the Obama Administration (for Hillary votes) while it was her husband that created the "Three strikes" law that has taken Black men away from their families for crimes that (mostly) do not warrant the time. When they get out of the over-populated prisons of mostly Blacks, the only options for the Black man is drug dealing.....when WE know the CIA imports the drugs.
    The plan is to destroy America, reducing her to ashes, and from those ashes a New World Order will emerge. Since Blacks feel they are getting the short end of the stick, just wait to when every single one of us get the shaft.
     He continues to say " Black Lives Matter" are peacefully protesting and actions by others are not being fueled by the BLM.
     And he is pushing the gun issue as we expected....This problem isn't going away anytime soon until the government takes the opportunity to declare a National Emergency in light of what is quickly becoming Civil War II.
     Again, Black Lives Matter are calling for death of Whites and Law Enforcement on all social media networks. 
BJ3: Lamont is, was and always has been a real, racist, nutjob...and O’Lielly let him get away with much of it. Watching someone stand up to him was entertaining...and beneficial...From: Rob E
Mark Lamont Hill Nuts-Up When He’s Told the Truth About Black Criminality!

From: sherzieve  
From: "doug walk"
"The best pro Gun Spokesman ever".....
From: sherzieve...
More...From: "cam39470" ...
Important truths: political correctness, mass mental illness, insane America
MENTALLY ILL AMERICA: The 10 delusional demands of political correctness you are required to accept, despite the contradictory evidence witnessed with your own eyes...

From: Sher Zieve     From: John Rolls     Obama’s Agenda of Anarchy

From: sherzieve...
HE DOES!  ALL LEFTISTS DO!!  From: "doug walk" (Why I "NEVER" use facebook, it is a "brainwash" center)  BLUE-LIVES-MATTER-MORE
BJ3: UNbelievable...From: Rob E
They call it the Cures Act, but it might more aptly be called the Curse Act. It makes a mockery of your freedoms, could force you into clinical trials without your consent, and overturns previous bills meant to protect you from harm. Did you just sign up to be a guinea pig without consent, too?,dec9daa,e3a33bd&et_cid=DM110792&et_rid=1571130583

From: Rob E...Judge fed up with crooked doctors in Metro Detroit, locks one more up

From: Frank P.....Feds Arrest Press for Reporting on Open Border   Infowars journalists disarmed and held by federal agents(Infowars) - Update: Prominent Rio Grande Valley area border patrol agent Chris Cabrera told Infowars this is the first time he has ever heard of this happening. “That’s nonsense,” Cabrera responded when informed our reporters were detained and disarmed

From: The Sovereignty Project
From: dwarren...Gag order for SS...oops; FBI agents/Hellery investigation
This entire case stinks all the way to the Middle East and back...when you look at all the irregular parts of this case and the unprecedented public protections afforded; it's truly the stuff of Twilight Zone.  They tried to say that they did leave the door open to the agents under Whistleblower protection regarding...waste, abuse, public health and safety....  HUHHHH???  HOW IS THIS NOT A PUBLIC SAFETY AND NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE....  what a puking bunch of crap.  Debbie

BJ3: Do read....From:
Dave Bertrand...Operation Gladio Underway, Atlanta wants National Guard

From: sherzieve...His plan all along...
From: "freedomamerica
Obama will only impose martial law if it looks like Trump will win
GOP Platform: Build the Wall!
BJ3: Always good to know...From: Punching Bag Post

From: Jenny...Ruth Bader Ginsburg May Hand Donald Trump the Election

From: Sher Zieve    From: "freedomamerica
As Obama Speaks in Dallas, Police Groups Question His Support
Critics with law enforcement backgrounds say Obama has unfairly criticized police before knowing the facts, beginning with a police officer's arrest of a Harvard professor that led to a "beer summit" at the White House and continuing with the president's commentary regarding the deaths of black men after altercations with police in Ferguson, Missouri, and in New York and Baltimore.

From: Sher Zieve    From: "freedomamerica The 15th Obamacare Co-Op Has Collapsed. Here's How Much Each Failed Co-Op Got in Taxpayer-Funded Loans.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has not yet said if the money given to the failed co-ops will be recouped.

From: sherzieve...
The Beast (Islam) is taking over the world...just as God said it would...From: "freedomamerica
Sharia takes over prayer rooms in international airports, including US airports

From: Kathy Hawkins...Most of you have NO clue about daughter says 'WHAT TIMING AFTER DALLAS'
Worth watching this 11 minutes....if you don't have kids or grandkids doing this yet you are one in a very few! I put in a call to the police Sunday after seeing a bunch of guys on their phones walking back and forth all day.....good thing I didn't get through as they were too busy with calls about all the smoke, then I find out Monday about this stupid game everyone is playing. There is over 7 BILLION downloads so far. AND so far only good things about it on the T.V.  One woman playing it in a park heard screaming from a kid and ran over and a kid laying on the ground passed out from heat exaustion and a other that needed to go by a body of water to capture Pokémon and found a dead body. Anyway nothing yet about someone falling in a hole or getting hit by a car being so engrossed in the game.....I'm waiting. This has only been out a few days folks. I saw 4 different groups of people just last night in the park right here in just a half hour or so. My daughter may have something huh!?! COMMENTS!?!

BJ3: You can’t fix stupid...after this brainwashing...From: Jenny Indoctrination: Watch 14-Year-Old Perform ‘White Boy Privilege’ Poem “I wrote it because I became aware of white privilege this year... We have a class called 'Race, Class and Gender' that everyone has to take"

Bonus...Activist Documents Feeding Time For Orphaned Bear Cubs

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