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This is a speech from one of the best Czech lawyers, translated from Czech to German and then translated by Google (so, please excuse the "quality") from German to English (ink to the German translation:

On 18.05.2016 took place in the Czech Chamber of Deputies a conference entitled "Should we fear Islam?". Present were besides Islamic agitators from the mosque in Brno ambassadors from Muslim countries. As one of the best Czech lawyers - JUDr. Klára Samková (photo) have recited her speech the Muslims quickly left. PI may reflect these courageous, combative speech in full:

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for the invitation and for the opportunity to speak here. Today's meeting should help to answer the question of whether we should have fear of Islam. On this question, I give a direct answer: We are in no way afraid of Islam. We should deal with it in the same way as European civilization has so far dealt successfully with all totalitarian and inhuman regimes, with which it was forced in its more than two thousand years of history to fight. That is, take the fight against Islam, win, prevent its spread once and for all and explain exactly as in the earlier monstrous ideologies, the existence of Islam for a crime against human nature, freedom and especially the dignity of people violating.

Because exactly is Islam - against human nature, against freedom and against human dignity.

Islam has the same traits as Nazism, fascism, communism. He is so, despite the fact that he is hiding behind a religion. In reality, it is primarily a state criminal and criminal ideology and not reformable system of government.

Islam hiding for two reasons behind religion. The first is the historical emergence of Islam that allowed no other form of ideological representation. Even in ancient Greece not philosophical, independent of the state religion, constructs were allowed, what Socrates could tell. Even more impossible it is to provide a paradigm of thinking other than a religious nature in the seventh century AD, on the edge of the civilized world was.

The second reason why today hiding behind the mask of Islam Religion, is his permanent, conscious and targeted abuse of the Euro-American law and values ​​to the originally built on Judeo-Christian foundations civilizations arrived. There is nothing better and More Effective than to abuse the system of values ​​of my opponent, while I do not share the system at the same time. And just behaves Islam. He refers to the protection afforded by our traditions, without being willing to reciprocate this behavior. He relies on our traditions, appeals to them, and behind our backs taunting our values.

Let us first take a look at it, why it is quite appropriate to put Islam on the same level with totalitarian regimes. Islam, even though he claims to be a religion is primarily a totalitarian system of government in which God is only a placeholder, since the main content of Islam is the state system arrangement. Unlike Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Shintoism, the core of Islam is the right and indeed the Islamic Sharia. It is an integral part of Islamic ideology and can not be separated from her. It forms the very essence of Islam, because the rules that call themselves religious or ethical, represent only the external and extraneous content of this ideology. In Islam, the idea of ​​religion as a private matter, as a private matter of an individual, totally unacceptable. Where on this principle today's Christianity and all descended from him Civilizations are built exactly. It is a private relationship of the individual to God, more or less mediated by a church. Even the members of our civilization, who describe themselves as atheists, that is, those who say they do not believe in God, their positions automatically from the Christian traditions. They manifest in their lives then as folklore or as a kind of cultural automatism, so that they generally share the Christian spirit of Europe and America.

It should be pointed out once again that such an approach for Islam is not only unacceptable, it is rejected and referred to directly as a crime. Islam rejects the concept of personal faith in God and prevents totalitarian doubt about himself. If anyone thinks we have no right to judge what is totalitarianism and authoritarian rule, and that we had no right to it about Islam to say, I only mention that we have highly trained probe for the totality and authoritarian power in our country, lived for 300 years under foreign rule and of the last 78 years, 48 ​​years under totalitarian regimes, so we that just recognize the totality at first glance. We have both the right and the ability to identify and judge them.

Islam does not share the European Enlightenment idea of ​​lying in the future social progress. For Islam, it was all right - in the days of the Prophet Mohammed. The best that could be done has been done, and the best and the only sensible thing that should be written, namely the Koran was written. In its essence, Islam is a religion of the book of Ecclesiastes, in which more than a thousand years before Mohammed was said:

    What profit has man of all his labor which he toils under the sun? A generation goes, and a generation comes and the earth remains forever.

Judaism, Christianity and resulting faring civilization overcame these unauthorized skepticism, this self-contempt. But Islam remained stillborn Gnosticism, distorted in the degenerate mutant desire for renewed union with the universe, in the psychopathic-obsessive, paranoid ideas about the uniqueness of its path to the reunification of the confessor with his God. From this devious approach is also, the whole idea of ​​Islam pervasive identity of matter and evil and the resulting contempt of our civilization, which is held for a Material so inherently evil and contrary to God. It is a real tragedy of Muslims saying that Islam had obstructed by entering this impasse the way to God forever.

Depression, sinking, disbelief is in the dignity of every human being, regardless of its characteristics such as religion, social status, gender and ethnic origin, to the people and its irreplaceable value, disbelief that characterizes Islam. Islam rejected the philosophy as we know them, so as a way of rational and critical insight into the reality. This Islam approach also blocks thinking through issues such as human freedom, dignity, roles of man and the state, and also, paradoxically, the thoughts of God, an integral part of the intellectual reflections of leading scientists in the European-American civilization - astrophysicists, mathematicians and biologists who touch the essence of the universe and therefore of God in the results of their research. However, the Muslims, the contact with God forever, so until doomsday, denied if they have to their own ideology lost contact with God by the death of Mohammed. How incredibly desperate their lives must be, which is only waiting for death basically!

The consequence of this entire space-time rigidity of Islam is that just people who suffer under Muslim ideology, are most devastated. Just you and your members are vilified by these pseudo-religious state and can not fulfill the potential that is of course given to them as human personalities and what they yearn consciously or unconsciously. How pitiable most and most victims of communism were the Russians because of totalitarian communism newly originated in Russia, and the first victims of the German Nazis, the Germans were just so moved by the inhuman totalitarian Islam most Arabs and other nations affected, living under Muslim rule. At this point, I will turn to these people, and especially Muslim women, who suffer most, my deepest sympathy.

For Muslims there is no other way than the way to ruin. For them will be refused, what is the nature of human nature, namely development. Islam recognizes no development, progress and humanity. In desperation, he tried the rest of mankind, carry away other civilizations on this path, because from the perspective of Islam the rest of the world is futile, useless, unclean.

Islam and its Sharia legal system are incompatible with the principles of European law, in particular the rights enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights. How is it possible that it does not see our lawyers? How is it possible that they remain silent? How is it possible that they meet all the requirements of Muslims, which guarantees swing with the Article 9 of the Convention, freedom of thought, conscience and religion? And how is it possible that if Muslims in our world the protection under this statutory provision calling of our own legal system the opinions, ideas and religious beliefs is not the same protection is granted that contradict Islam? Can our lawyers only to fourteen count, where the article 14 of the Convention states that the enjoyment of rights and freedoms, the guarantees of the Convention must care without discrimination for any reason always guaranteed? I can assure everyone that we can count to seventeen least where the article 17 of the Convention states:

    Nothing in this Convention shall be construed so that it confers on any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the abolition of the conditions laid down in the present Convention rights and freedoms or to further restrictions these rights and freedoms, as provided in the Convention, aim of which.

This provision in the Convention has prevailed personally Winston Churchill. he did this for a particular reason, namely to protect against totalitarian regimes. He thought of course to then communist regime. I think of Islam, which is just as totalitarian and threatening as those regimes against which Winston Churchill was fighting and defeating. The protection that emanates from Article 17, acts correctly against such ideologies. And that European countries, under the jurisdiction of the Convention, so far decided not to use it means not that they to have no will. These countries are only too kind, knowing the price they paid for the knowledge of the highest value of humanity and also to be patient. The adoption of Muslim countries and leaders who have decided to terrorize the Europeans with their ideas of the world, that the reason for this certain European indifference is weakness, is absolutely wrong. Europe has become, in his opinion, his vision of the world at the expense of millions of human sacrifices to work through the price of suffering, which can not a Muslim even imagine.

Currently Europe again and again asks the Muslims: "Do you want to live with us?" For it is not the question of whether we have to fear Islam, but that's the main question to which there must be an answer and the only Muslim Nations can respond!

Sometimes it that the Muslims do not want to share peacefully with the rest of the non-Muslim world this planet looks like. Their terrorist acts, declared loudly and committed in the name of Islam, to show that they are not interested in brotherhood among peoples and among men. They shout words about the supremacy of Islam and its legal system, and words about the fact that we have the obligation to submit to. We find no evidence that Muslims do not feel superior to: us non-Muslims, us women, we homosexuals or anyone else who does not adhere strictly to the Koran.

Europe is still the Muslims put their question to peaceful coexistence for a while. But then there is a metamorphosis of the question, and it will sound very different. Then no longer WANT YOU WE LIVE but WANT YOU LIVE? Do they want the Muslims survive? Because if the people who profess Islam, do not want to live in peace, Europe and America will do what they have already done twice, as a mortal danger of ideologies that threatened the essence of humanity went out: they draw in the slaughter and destroy their enemies. A part of this fight is back - this time undoubtedly gain a grandiose scientific, technical and technological progress with a focus on the complete energy independence - as in past wars. I have no idea how it is done: perhaps succeeds finish tokamak. Maybe we start energy from the zero field to win, maybe we pull a piece of dark matter from outer space, so that they will help us. In any case, the result of the violence perpetrated by Muslims violence and the consequent war, the total destruction of Islamic ideology will be. An Islam a few degenerate, sneaking into the desert people will believe, where there will be an endless quagmire of crude oil is no longer required. Few people will remember with shrieking voices on the lights in the streets of Damascus and the beauty of Mecca, of which nothing remains but as a hole in hell. These few nameless individuals will be condemned by the rest of humanity as waste because they deviated from the path to God and can never find it, because they have despised the which God was pleased: the people. All human beings and this planet.

Today we artificially thoughts are imposed that perhaps Europe is that should fear for its future, to its culture, its philosophy, its vision for the world. No, it's just the opposite. With their malicious acts Muslims have made the first steps on the way to their own absolute destruction.

I use this meeting and call on all Muslims and all countries, who claim that their religion is Islam: it Stop it! You are on the wrong path. You are on the path that leads away from God. You are on the way the killer. Her death does not bring to Barbelá, in the land of God, but into the void and in the nameless futility. There is nothing left of them, and the name of their so-called religion will be discussed only with the saliva, in which the dust of the journey of successful, lucky and mixed by God lover.

Because that is written in Revelation, chapter 12, called "defeated enemy":

    And there appeared a great wonder in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars.

The blue jacket Woman flutters in every European Union flag. The crown of twelve stars on each flag of the European Union.

Ask yourself, Muslims, who is the serpent or dragon, which the pregnant woman was depressed and she won? And especially do not forget to answer the previously asked question correctly: Do you want to live? The correct answer is - then you have to learn with us and to live in our countries, our ways.

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