Thursday, June 16, 2016


Submitted by: Nancy Battle

To our members,
Please forward this to every elected official in your city, county, state and national pubic office!
We need to try one last time to make them listen to reason! I am afraid the next step they take in the wrong direction will send this country into an up rising that will go bad for all concerned! Just maybe we could stop it before it happens! If theywill do the job they were elected to do?

We the people, are sending you this message to remove any doubt as to what we want you to do as an elected official in this country! It is time that you and every other elected official in this country, address the real problems in this country and stop blaming an innate object( Our Guns) that can do no harm unless used by a Criminal or  Radical Islamic Terrorist who wishes to deliberately do harm to others!
Please Make this our new Battle Cry!
Find new ways to Remove/Stop these murderers before they kill more Americans! It is your job!
Ban the Criminals and Radical Islamic terrorist, Not our Guns,
Stop the importation of Death and Destruction, to our country!  

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