Saturday, June 25, 2016


Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr
God's Word Christian Ministry
Conservative Patriot

An Impending Judgment
There will be a day when the United States of America will feel the judgment of God as He calls for His truths to prevail. This judgment will not be a mere ‘slap on the wrist’ and may be devastating to all of us. In order to understand how this is all coming to pass, consider these few illnesses that permeate our society this very day.
God’s name is trampled underfoot in our theaters, in showrooms of entertainment, as profanity is exalted and the garish lights are brought to bear on people that deny the very existence of our Creator. Our schools are denied the right to teach our children of God’s being our Creator as they are denied the opportunity to praise God and ask for His blessing.
America turned to God in past years as we fought the constraints of England , the likes of Hitler, Mussolini and the evils of war in both Europe and the South Pacific. In the years that followed more and more restrictions were placed on the populace of America whereby God was slowly but surely removed from our public lives. Where we were victorious in parting from England and triumphing over the evils of WW I and WW II, we basically fought to ‘a draw’ in Korea and lost in Viet Nam . Slowly, ever so slowly God is being removed from our lives and just as slowly our power in the world is being taken away from our control.
America stopped prayer in schools, began to embrace porn and allow perverse acts as Rights and at the same time began to allow and even condone the killing of our unborn children. Abortion reared its ugly head and instead of condemning it, we allow its existence.
In the not too distant past we Christians were seen as church going people that prayed and were respected. In the current times we are mocked publicly, even by our noted television entertainers. Film makers have set about making films that have a theme of ‘anti-God’ in nature. They have not only begun to ridicule Christians but have decidedly begun to attempt to deny the very existence of God in an unabashed fashion.
I could recite many instances of what I term, ‘God denial,’ but I think you know all of what I am saying is undeniably true.
Isaiah 63:6 I trampled the nations in my anger;
       in my wrath I made them drunk
       and poured their blood on the ground."
God will bring to bear His judgment as He topples America as the ‘superpower’ of the world. Already we see crime as more rampant. Our schools are no longer safe, our children are being used for the sexual perversions of men and women and our elected officials virtually stand silent as they seek only to remain as elected officials. Mass murderers are all but deified and catered to as they languish in prisons enjoying the free meals, entertainment and medical care that are provided at our expense as men that once served our country do without!
The economic power that we once enjoyed is fading, our monetary value weakened, our military scorned as other nations rise in power. Countries that once feared and respected America now protest violently about anything we do.
What is happening is that God is exposing our nakedness and revealing our appearance as it truly is. America has become spiritually bankrupt and God is there for us but the masses that control this nation refuse to even acknowledge His existence!
Men and women who have disguised themselves as Christians preach in pulpits to those that would rather enjoy what they are being told rather than what it takes to gain righteousness in God’s sight. Our government not only allows this as proper but grants those self same people money and tax advantages to spread their lies and discord!
We, God’s true followers, those that read and learn God’s Words and live by His Commands must remain strong and not be drawn in by the imposters who, in time, will bow down to the Antichrist. We men and women that know God’s truth must rely on and trust in Him and do His bidding.
God, in His wisdom, has given us promises that will see us through all of the calamities that face us if we remain strong and willing to stay in His merciful presence.
Psalm 112: 7-8   He will have no fear of bad news;
       his heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD.
 8 His heart is secure, he will have no fear;
       in the end he will look in triumph on his foes.
Have no fear of bad news, remain trusting in the Lord, never fear anything man brings about! God promises that we will triumph over His foes.
  Psalm 9: 8-10 He will judge the world in righteousness;
       he will govern the peoples with justice.
 9 The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed,
       a stronghold in times of trouble.
 10 Those who know your name will trust in you,
       for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.
Where there is no justice from those that hate us for our belief in God, He will be our refuge in troubled times. Remain strong with the confidence in Him that He alone is worthy of. His promise is that He will not forsake us.
   Psalm 27: 3-5 Though an army besiege me,
       my heart will not fear;
       though war break out against me,
       even then will I be confident.
 4 One thing I ask of the LORD,
       this is what I seek:
       that I may dwell in the house of the LORD
       all the days of my life,
       to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD
       and to seek him in his temple.
 5 For in the day of trouble
       he will keep me safe in his dwelling;
       he will hide me in the shelter of his tabernacle
       and set me high upon a rock.
 In remaining strong and obeying God instead of man we are promised the best thing imaginable as our reward. We will “dwell in the House of he Lord all the days of my (our) lives,” and people, that is our promise for ETERNITY!
(Closing prayer)
Almighty God, King of our lives, we stand before You with hearts filled with sadness at the actions of our nation. There are some that are in denial of You and Your awesome powers. Lord, as our Lord and Savior said, please forgive them and open their eyes to truth. Allow them to see Your awesome powers and to witness Your love and Your willingness to forgive. Lord, it is Your will to be done and Your love to be bestowed as You see fit. Bless us O Lord and know that we are Your faithful army.
Lord, Your promises are our reason to rejoice and Your love sees us through our daily lives. We bow to You Lord and we thank You for all You have provided and will provide in the days ahead. Lord, touch our very spirits and keep us strong and within Your grace.
Almighty God we ask that You continue to protect our military, our elected officials, our judges, security personnel and our police that seek to keep us from harm. Bless them O Lord and guide their ways. Lord, bless our Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world and keep them from harm. Please send Your angels to be with them in times of peril. Be gentle on them Lord as they are weak like us and need Your strength to rely upon.
We pray these words in the name of Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Savior, who is one with You and the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever,
Amen, amen and amen.     

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