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BJ3: And this is THE problem with the anti-USA, anti-Catholic-American, pro-N.W.O. “hierarchy”. What a HUGE disappointment they are. Now do they think that this statement makes many loyal Catholics feel loved, wanted and respected? Guess you really can’t fix “stupid” in non-religious matters such as this...Guess “Brexit and the other (upcoming) “leaves” will also be a HUGE disappointment. From: Jenny...SCOTUS Immigration Ruling a ‘Huge Disappointment’ Say U.S. Catholic Bishops
BJ3: Yep, that is Senator America...From: Jenny...Trump's VP Front-runner: Sen. Sessions of Alabama

BREAKING- Sessions Makes Huge Announcement After Britain’s Vote- “It’s America’s Turn”

From: Jenny...Donald Trump says 'always wrong Obama' and Clinton pushed the British out of Europe by lecturing them to stay - and Americans will be next 'to take their country back'
BJ3: So says Farage too...Farage- Obama ‘Insulted Our Intelligence’ By Threatening Us to Stay in EU

BJ3:Hmmm...maybe someone sent my comment to Beppe? Or, mor likely, we’re on the same track now.
The Brexit contagion: France, Italy, the Netherlands now want their own referendum   Excerpt...Beppe Grillo, the party’s leader, has called for a full referendum on EU membership. He said: “The mere fact that a country like Great Britain is holding a referendum on whether to leave the EU signals the failure of the European Union.”   Five Star won 19 out of 20 mayoral elections on Sunday, including in Rome and Turin, in a major blow to Matteo Renzi, the Prime Minister.
From: Kirk MacKenzie    "Now It Is Our Turn": Freedom Party's Geert Wilders Calls for Dutch Referendum  

BJ3: Huge success...British Prime Minister David Cameron Resigns

From: Sher  From: victoria kateria hayes...Donald Trump in Scotland- 'Brexit a great thing' - BBC News   I think this is a good thing!  May be rough going for a little while, but like the Donald it shows the Brits are fed up like we are.  They are trying to take their country back?  Let us remember to prayer for he and his family while he is away, and every day!

From: Marje ...Hi!  This is very HOT -- having to do with the attempted assassination of Trump in Las Vegas being tied to Hillary and Huma . . .please get out this killer information!   Actually, our government is behind all of these terrorist attacks!  Certainly doesn't surprise me!  No wonder Hillary can look into the camera and say, "I guarantee you my emails will not end in an indictment!"  She is fully protected as we all know.  This is the killer video, below:
Failed Trump Assassin Tied to Hillary Clinton, Huma?
From: Kandy Ricotta.....
Hi!   This is well written, and worth reading.  In my opinion...the writer makes some terrific points!Please share if you believe, as I do, that Donald Trump is the only person who can save our beloved country at this desperate time in America's life.  Don't feel you need to respond, unless you think I need a minimum of 10 lashes with a wet noodle.
Love,  Kandy.....
A Message For Christians About Donald Trump...
This writer makes some terrific points.
From: Rob E    Cleveland's attempt to restrict protests outside Republican convention is unconstitutional, court rules..

From: sherzieve...
This is SO WRONG.  This is the reason vigilante justice originally began in the old West...From: "doug walk"...
(Message to cair: If you don't like what we write in America, the door swings both ways, you are free to leave, but you "DON'T" tell us what to write)
Idaho 'Refugees' Who Sexually Assaulted 5yr-Old Girl Are 'Back On The Streets' - Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

From: sherzieve  
From: charlite58...
Jim GETS IT RIGHT! Western Civilization now hangs by a thread, but we can STILL defeat this new aggressive 'Third Global Jihad' if we summon the same strength, organization, courage and RESOLVE of Charles Martel in 723 at the Battle of Tours, and of Jon Sobieski in 1683. Splendid article here by Jim O'Neill.

JIM O'NEILL: Lynch Preaching the Gospel of Spineless Suicidal Stupidity !! <<<
From: sherzieve...
Unreal...From: "Dave Stoddard" ...
he Smithsonian Botanical Garden police need a swat team in case someone mistreats a butterfly...
From: Glynn Custred.....
Arm the Bureaucracy and Disarm the Citizen

From: Rob E     Lawyer for Sheriff Joe: ‘Obama rules like he is King George III’
From: RCroyts  From: JC...
I had planned to write only two columns on education since it's not as big of an issue in this campaign as it has been in all others.  Nevertheless, just had to write one more.  I have received many personal comments from public school teachers, a principal and from Washington insiders.  After Obama, things are at lot worse.    Things have been going downhill since the 70s but this is the point that we really lost it. If you haven't read my last two columns please do.  Would appreciate some of your comments on the blog.  Don't be afraid to post.  be anonymous.  I never, ever give out an email address.  you are perfectly safe.   Thanks, jc
Public schools: How we lost them

From: Sher Zieve   Baton Rouge mother should be praised, not arrested for punishing 3 sons caught burglarizing a house
From: Jenny.....Moosic to their ears! Blues-loving cows come running as saxophone player performs an impromptu solo in their field

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