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A Russian Wrench in Hillary's Side
Republicans have been waiting anxiously for Hillary Clinton to face punishment for her creation of America's most massive security threat in recent memory.

Popularly known as the "email scandal” of 2015, the FBI launched an investigation into Clinton's improper use of private email on a home server throughout her tenure as Secretary of State.

The now presidential hopeful has long scoffed at the informal charges, dismissing criticism by either feigning ignorance or explaining away her reckless online communications.

But now, her campaign team and the liberal media can no longer ignore a controversy so detrimental that it could possibly change the course of the entire 2016 election.

Before considering how Hillary's misconduct could secure the win for Donald Trump—with the help of Vladimir Putin, no less—it's important to understand what exactly the scandal entails. In a nutshell, Hillary Clinton may have single handedly surrendered over 20,000 classified and unclassified emails to the Kremlin.

While the Democratic frontrunner worked at the State Department, she blatantly broke policy by using a family email system out of her New York home, choosing to go a step further by also maintaining a private server.

To protect highly sensitive documents, correspondence, and general information, government officials are required to use federal servers for all official communications.

The procedure is not only for confidentiality purposes and protection against hacking—it's also to ensure total transparency and proper recordkeeping under the Federal Records Act.

In particular, elected officials face fines and up to a year imprisonment if they knowingly retain or delete classified materials from an undisclosed place.

Upon initial revelations and subsequent investigation into the "secret server” debacle, Republicans responded strongly for a number of reasons. First, in the spirit of honesty, a private third party was never given the opportunity to probe Hillary's server.

The problem is, under the law, Secretary Clinton was able to use discretion in determining which correspondence was deemed classified. Therefore, although her aides deleted over 30,000 messages, the federal government can't do a thing.

But for most conservative commentators, the issue is less about technicality and more about truthfulness. From the time the scandal broke through this last leg of the 2016 election, Hillary has flip-flopped her story drastically, refusing to acknowledge her shameful conduct.

She's also been caught telling flagrant lies. This is the reason why Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and countless others won' let the story go to rest.

The Select Committee on Benghazi discovered at least 15 emails that Hillary's camp failed to fork over during discovery. This is despite the insistence that she told lawyer David Kendall to surrender anything remotely related to work.

Early on, Clinton also clarified that she thought it would be "simpler” to work with one communication device; but alas, details of the case proved she used both a smartphone and an iPad.

Her various explanations continue to evolve over time. At some points, she's played the senior card: "I don't know how it works digitally at all.” But at others, her story changed: "Everything I did was permitted by law and regulation.”

So, who is Hillary Clinton? Tech illiterate old-timer? Or savvy server expert? According to recent sources, she's the obstinate fool who compromised sensitive government info, sending it directly into the paws of Vladimir Putin.

Enter Hillary's pesky email problem and its link to Russia, Trump, and Election 2016.

Back in 2011, Russia began to scrutinize the online activity of Romanian hacker Marcel Lazăr Lehel. Known popularly by his online avatar, Guccifer, the middle-aged man tried to breach the system of one of Russia's public news networks.

He was unsuccessful, but the stealthy computer troll was able to gain something much more powerful—tens of thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton's unprotected NY server. In 2013, the Kremlin tapped into his findings, intercepting copies of the supposedly "safe” documents.

Of course, America's corrupt left wing media was completely aware of the high profile story, but they failed to report on it. That is, until now.

Clinton's server charade can't go on any longer, as US officials have extradited Guccifer from a Romanian prison and have convicted him of two cyber crimes unrelated to Hillary. He'll be sentenced in September of 2016.

Up until his jailing, Guccifer was a celebrity-obsessed hacker, but the details of his activity are curious to say the least. Lehel had no formal computer training or advanced hacking skills. Instead, he simply made it his task to guess the account passwords and security questions of countless celebrities, political figures, and various high profile names.

Guccifer became so successful at his game that throughout the course of the hacking, he was able to access and leak records connected to the Bush family, the Rockefellers, Collin Powell, and more.

When interviewed by the New York Times, Guccifer revealed his motivations. Claiming Illuminati takeover, secret nuclear attack, and other conspiracy theories, many wrote off the Snowden wannabe. If he had breached Hillary's server, why didn't he expose the findings?

To be fair, the Associated Press did briefly touch on Guccifer's link to Hillary a while back. In the article, they mention the possibility that Clinton's home server could have been hacked at least 5 separate times, and all of those derive from a location in Russia.

Guccifer has publicly claimed to have breached the Clintons' server, although authorities have never pursued the matter due to lack of evidence. But if he's telling the truth, then those 5 spam messages could have certainly been sent from Russian authorities who were monitoring Guccifer's online activity.

Investigation into the thousands of email records shows that the Secretary of State received 5 emails cloaked as speeding tickets summons back in 2011. There's no way of knowing if Ms. Clinton opened the emails or clicked the malicious links.

What we do know is that Hillary and her camp failed to alert authorities of the potential threat, which is another problem she'll face.

Computer experts say that this knowledge doesn't 100% give credence to the fact that Putin has the emails. Trying to deflect from the severity of the situation, Clinton's spokesman said, "All these emails show is that, like millions of other Americans, she received SPAM.”

But now that Vladimir Putin has come out in support of Republican shoo-in Donald Trump, experts theorize that he could be holding on to damaging information that could secure the GOP win.

Putin made headlines when he referred to Trump as "a really brilliant and talented person.” He continued, "he's the absolute leader in the presidential race.”

Trump has made it clear that he would like to improve relations with Russia, and their authoritarian president has responded positively.

In a recent interview, GOP Senator Ron Johnson speculated that Putin's invasion of Ukraine among other actions shows there's a strong chance he has knowledge from the Clinton emails. And if that's the case, then he could be using strategy to help push Trump toward the win.

Judge Andrew Napolitano told Megyn Kelly that there's evidence to support that the Kremlin is currently debating what to do with their 20,000 golden emails. Whether those records were obtained via the notorious Guccifer, or if Russian authorities accessed the private server themselves, is a moot issue.

What's clear is that Donald Trump is sitting pretty right about now.

By releasing the massive email cache closer to the time of the election, Putin is pulling the strings from afar. Without proper time for damage control and with Bernie Sanders out of the picture, the Donald will emerge as the clear victor. But why does Putin care?

As of late, Trump has been the darling of Russian's authority-controlled news media. Having made provocative public comments on Saddam Hussein, the situation in Syria, and ISIS, some of Trump's ideas have been unexpectedly in line with Putin's own controversial worldview.

With an unlikely ally in the West, perhaps he sees new doors of opportunity if Trump rises to the top.

Putin's motivations will certainly be made clear as November approaches. Until then, we anxiously await for the day that Hillary has to face those 20,000 little problems.


Mark Patricks

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  1. Comment of David Bertrand: Putin Hacked Hillary’s Emails: Holding 20,000 Till Election

    Friends and Associates:

    This revelation could prove to be extremely devastating for the Hillary "get-out-of-jail" card that seems to be crumbling as each day passes.

    There's no doubt that Russian Intelligence has most of her emails by way of the Romanian hacker known as Gucifer, after he exposed himself to the Kremlin with his hacking.

    So....let's guess what Hillary's response will be? "It's obvious that Putin wants to help Trump win the presidency because Trump is ready to buddy-up with the Russian, a slap in the face of American policy(?)"

    Exactly right Hillary !! Maybe Trump and Putin realize that you are a filthy liar and con-artist that is a warmonger for the globalist elite banksters. And on top of that....Russia will assist Trump with real-time intelligence to destroy your ISIS created enigma.

    Americans have had enough and WE will assure a Trump win, plus WE welcome Russia as a partner. WE do not want WWIII and WE do NOT want you...the crazed woman with your finger on the button.