Friday, June 10, 2016


BJ3: Still can’t believe this...must be a hoax...From: Jenny...BOOM: Roseanne Barr STUNS Media With Huge Endorsement… It’s NOT Who You Think...

BJ3: Absolutely GREATt NEWS! the hole gets deeper and deeper.  You can’t fix stupid...or traitor with this congress.
From: Rob E...PAUL RYAN To Campaign for Hillary Clinton on "Face the Nation" - Trash Trump as Racist

From: Jenny...Paul Nehlen Warns Paul Ryan’s Trade Agenda Will Be ‘Fundamental Undoing of America’
BJ3: Ah yes, Senator America at it still and still our VP choice...From: Jenny...
Sen. Jeff Sessions: No Shortage of American Workers, Shortage of Americans with Jobs to Work
BJ3: we say “is” instead of “may be”...From: Chukolb...Appears Judge Gonzalo Curiel May Be the Racist…not Trump by Sher Zieve ..Before getting into the racially challenged Judge Curiel, here is a brief history of La Raza for those who are, yet, unfamiliar with the organization. I started writing about La Raza (and MEChA) in 2006. Both of these are virulent racist anti-white organizations that want to have US land ceded to Mexico, will affect riots and all manner of violence to do so and have gotten a pass from the current administration. Instead, Obama appointed former Head of La Raza Cecilia Munoz to 2 positions in his White House…that of Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and the position she currently maintains as the Director of the White House Council. Munoz has been with the ObamaGov since it began in January 2009. She wields a great deal of power. And is, arguably, one of the strongest racists in his administration.   The Southwest Council of La Raza (SWCLR) was founded in 1968, and with funding from—amongst others—the leftist Ford Foundation, it quickly became the National Council of La Raza (NCLR).  La Raza means “The Race” and it began as a Mexican-specific organization.  The group’s motto is “Everything for The Race.  Outside The Race…Nothing!”  La Raza is a hard-line Marxist organization and it openly expresses hatred for white people. [...]

From: Rob E...Obama Allowing 550,000 Illegals Into US Each Year - That's Enough to Populate the City of Albuquerque... Every Year!
From: Rob E...Dozens of illegals found in Texas 'stash house'...
From: Sher...This is more true than most realize.  Thanks to Doug...From: Doug Walk...Terror Cell Exposed in Roswell New Mexico!...

BJ3: Don, it isn’t a “learning curve” is what they are...From: DON HANK...This all reminds me of how a group of young communist women in Germany ran out into the streets near the end of WW II to welcome the Russian "liberators." They were promptly raped one and all. The left has a steep learning curve ahead of it. IF they are capable of learning at all....Muslim ‘refugees’ support Trump (unwittingly) by raping care givers...Woman welcomes Muslim 'refugee' into home, gets raped!

BJ3: Ya know, he’s working hard to make us think he’s crazy...I don’t buy it...No no no, then he skates on ineligibility...
Obama Warns: Manhattan Will Be ‘Underwater’ If We Don’t Act On Climate Change.....
BJ3: Yep to Sher...From: Sher...McCain is one of the biggest traitors of all time to the US military...From: Dave Hollenbeck.....John McCain Funds Afghan Immigration With Veterans’ Paychecks

Kidnap, torture and kill conservative lawmakers -- that's the outrageous message a MAJOR mainstream media editor had for his readers recently. So why on Earth isn't his newspaper firing him? Get all the sickening details.

From: Rob E ... House Committee Votes to Create New Cybersecurity Division within DHS 
BJ3: Forgot who is was...Sher?...who said this would happen.
From: Rob E ...EBT Card Outage? 8 Days Into June And Many Americans Are Still Waiting For Food Stamp Money...
From: Rob E...Black Lives Matter Pasadena Organizer Convicted of Felony ‘Lynching’ Charge..
BJ3: Looney merkel at it again...the racist...From: Rob E
Leading Islamopanderer, Angela Merkel, signs bill to exempt owners of Islamic markets and restaurants in Germany from taxes during the month of Ramadan.
From: Jenny...Great name – Generation Snowflake!  Why today’s young women are just so FEEBLE: They can’t cope with ANY ideas that challenge their right-on view of the world, says a top academic.

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