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What's Behind The New World Order Might Shock You

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Let's take a look at what is behind the New World Order and why a handful of globalists have a hidden agenda.

At the surface, they tell us that a NWO is necessary for stopping wars, saving the planet from ecological destruction, and uniting populations and religion. But out of the side of their mouth(s), they say "it was worth killing thousands of children to get one man, Saddam Hussein." Folks.....a New World Order will be the death trap of our entire existence..... 

While humans are "firmly anchored in separation, distraction and deception," because that is how we are programmed from birth, through school, television, music, RELIGION and (now) "politically correct" labels for different socially deprived people, the old saying..."it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks," is the programming we are stuck with.

The social engineering goes way back to an estimated 6,000 BCE when a race of (what religion refers to) as "Falln' Angles" a.k.a. the Anunnaki, saw earth as the perfect planet for extracting gold for their own planet, to process that gold to help stabilize their atmosphere.

Because the Anunnaki needed "God's creation" the evolving human to do the dirty work of mining, it was necessary to tweak their DNA and help the lower human types to advance intellectually and to speak. The Sumerian ancient tablets, scoffed as "mythical," alleges the creation (or advancement of man) was the work of ancient aliens. They further reveal, that our "Creator" (initially) is called the "First Source" a.k.a. God, which (it's) spirit lives in us and everything around us, and also created the Anunnaki, which became a pariah that hijacked humanity for their own. Other mythical legends in religion portrays "God the Creator" as human like, but as you will's far more complex than that.

"This was when the Atlanteans lived within the planet. They were the race of beings that inhabited earth at this time of its formation. The Anunnaki came to them and negotiated an agreement to allow the Anunnaki to mine a substance near the core of the planet that would be—in its essence—what today we would call gold.” 

It is also speculated that Man advanced to the point that He began to rebel, and Anu, the Anunnaki god, decided to create barriers by mental (brainwashing) and further methods to (basically) enslave, deprive and limit Man's ability, physically and mentally, to escape or hinder their agenda. 

The agenda, would be written in (our) Bibles as the "Return of Lucifer" or something to that effect......

It is written in Sumerian language and brought forward to our current existence by another E.T. race known as the Corteum, of whom are on this planet now, coming and going. THEY are at war with Animus (the falln' angels).

Supposedly, Animus a.k.a. Anu, will return to earth, once the New World Order is established, where all men, women and children are completely controlled by a "One World Religion," enslaved by paying their earnings to one world leader, (carbon taxes, etc) and once it is all in-place, then ALL available gold on the planet will be given to Anu, the Anunnaki god.

This could be the equivalent to the rise of the "Anti-Christ" and the New World Order.

The Corteum stress that fighting the New World Order with weapons, politics, and uprisings is NOT going to stop the NWO from it's goal to enslave humanity. They stress that it can be won by humanity as a whole, but requires a conscious, sub-conscious, approach by the entire planet, which of nearly impossible (IMO) when the powers-at-be continue to divide and conquer at every level.

Note: The only thing that makes sense, from my the fact, spreading the word (the truth) can create a different level of consciousness in all that accept the truth. But because the "truth" is tainted with dis-information, it's very difficult to grasp.

I suggest, taking the time to research an NSA operation called, Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) a level "15" security unit, which is involved (now) with maintaining contact with the Corteum race.

The New World Order participants a.k.a. globalist elites, are not that many and it is estimated to be approximately 13 families of so-called "Anunnaki Royal DNA" of which everyone of us have a trace of that "royalty." However, the families that own mega corporations, military and governments, have their pawns working for them to enslave you and me.

This space time hologram we live in, is a prison (created for humans) and far from being the entire picture of what there is out there. We are "infinite" and our soul(s) are wanted by the Animus. They want our souls because it will allow them to advance into higher dimensions of which, only we can....once we leave this flesh.

The final phase for the globalists, is termed Human 3.0, or "Trans-humanism" of combined "Artificial Intelligence" to live forever. WHY? Because THEY have surrendered their souls.... 

The transformation (they say) is coming soon and maybe in less than 10 years, according to their writings. That (portal) Christians call the "Rapture" is more like a step across a barrier into another dimension, called the "Grand Portal."

It's interesting stuff and when we understand the simple fact....the New World Order is meant to enslave everyone of us and to collect all wealth into one single pot, while many of the participants will steal for themselves, the big picture is what happens after the New World Order is finally in-place.

The answer to that and much more can be found at the links provided......
We use less than 10% of our brain, and 90% of that 10% is a dumping ground for everything government bestows on our daily lives to keep us occupied and deceived through media and social media. We hope there's more to our existence through faith that is skewed by religion(s), and we constantly live in fear in-order to keep our faith strong...a faith that might not be what it's all cracked-up to be.

If we use FEAR as a stepping stone to a higher level, we can then achieve the unthinkable by helping others to better understand, those fools put their pants on the same way we do !

The time is coming where that 10% use of our brain will develop into 60% or more in our life time. The Corteum will help us do that, if THEY can get around their obstructers, the government ACIO that does NOT want you to know.
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The WingMakers website first appeared on the Internet in late 1998.
I first came upon it through a friend's recommendation in November of 2000. Though I initially had serious questions and doubts about much of the mind-boggling information on the WingMakers site, I was immediately struck by the depth, clarity, and beauty of the two philosophical writings. Tears welled up in my eyes as I had never in my life read anything which so opened my mind, heart, and spirit, and resonated so deeply in my soul.
As I found the WingMakers philosophical material to be so deeply moving, I decided to copy the information on the WingMakers website for future study.
But then within a few months, I saw the website gradually begin to change from it's original form. Where it once provided inspiration through poetry, paintings, philosophy, and music free of charge, the WingMakers website began to transform into a commercial endeavor, making of the material there available for sale.
Someone named James appeared on the website claiming that he was responsible for it. Names were changed and more.
Even the incredible story around the discovery of the WingMakers site was changed and gradually given a very different spin. The discovery date of the Lost Arrow site was changed from 1972 to 1996.
Two additional philosophical writings were added to the original two (which were both given on one webpage). And when I carefully compared the changed WingMakers website with the original information I had copied, I discovered other most surprising and intriguing changes.
Before describing more changes, it is important to mention that the WingMakers story is quite unbelievable for most who first read it. I originally suspected that the story might have been created to promote the inspiring philosophical teachings. Only after I saw the website change in unusual ways, and then learned about the huge cover-up around UFOs, did I eventually come to believe the WingMakers story was likely true.
I invite you to be skeptical as well, as there is certainly no way I know of proving the story. That said, I also invite you to keep an open mind. The website clearly shows that many things are not what they seem.
Among the many significant changes, a 24th chamber was added to the 23 chambers (the number of human genes) on the original WingMakers website. In the interviews section of the changed website, the seven WingMakers sites around the planet are described as having a military objective, when the original website had no hint of anything military in all descriptions of the WingMakers.
Some key inspiring parts of the old interviews were completely deleted, others added, and certain distances of stars mentioned were even changed!
The story on the current WingMakers website has taken on an hierarchical flavor. It talks of a superior Central Race (of which the WingMakers are supposedly a part), of a Lyricus teaching order from this race, and of a mysterious "grand portal" leading to scientific proof of the soul. None of these concepts were part of or even mentioned on the original WingMakers website.
Yet the insertion of these key concepts was among the first changes made to the website in 2001. These concepts are quite different from the original WingMakers writings, which were all about opening ever more to divine wisdom from within ourselves, and about moving beyond the teacher/student ordering of the hierarchical paradigm to recognize the divine equality of all beings.
It's also interesting to note that for the first couple years, virtually no mention was made on the website of the gradual, yet significant changes being made. It seems that the original WingMakers website was somehow taken over and that the original information was gradually distorted and diluted by very sophisticated powers that did not want this information going out.
Some highly intelligent group, which obviously had ample funds, appears to have taken control and gradually changed the orientation of the original website so that those seeking the deep WingMakers wisdom would be subtly led back towards more hierarchical ways of thinking. To explore the sequence of these changes, you can find archived versions of the WingMakers website on the Internet Archive at*/
The first version of the website should be listed as January 25, 1999, which is only months after the website first appeared on the Internet. The website starts to change in the March 2001 version there. For a detailed, revealing comparison of the original and changed versions of the WingMakers interviews, click here.
It is interesting to note that despite the many changes, the two philosophical writings from the original website have changed very little on the current site. This may be because the original versions of this philosophy were written in language that is quite esoteric and difficult for most people to understand. I have worked professionally as a language interpreter for many years, and was able to understand the originals and recognize the beauty of what I read.
Using my translation skills, I translated this esoteric language into common, everyday English, which is what you now read on our website at
If you are interested in verifying and further exploring all of the information above, I recommend you start by reading the fascinating introduction to the original website and WingMakers material as I downloaded it here.
Compare this with the full introduction on the new website at You can access the entire WingMakers website almost exactly as it once appeared by clicking here. I also highly recommend reading reliable information on the UFO cover-up at for more background understanding to all of this.
The original writings, poems, and paintings of the WingMakers were simply sharing powerful information and inspiration on the transformation currently taking place on our planet with no hint of fear for our future.
This transformation described by the WingMakers involved the shift to a new paradigm where an ever-increasing number of people realize that the deepest answers in life are found not by searching outside of ourselves in the way of the old hierarchical paradigm, but rather by searching within our own divine essence to find deeper connection with all around us.
The philosophy of the WingMakers states that the universe is always mirroring our own deepest beliefs back to us. It is up to each one of us how we choose to see and interpret everything in our lives and everything that happens. And the more we open to the WingMakers' three principles of transformation (seeing the Divine in all, nurturance of life, and gratitude), the more easy and fluid our lives may become.
It is our choice whether we choose to live in fear, or whether we choose to recognize fear as an invitation to growth, and work with it as a potential tool of transformation.
For a number of years I was concerned and even alarmed that the WingMakers materials were changed in ways that I believed diluted and even distorted the power of the original writings. Yet eventually, as I examined my own role in creating this fear, I was able to find compassion and trust for all involved.
In recent years, I've been quite encouraged and even excited that the current website and the other websites it has spawned seem increasingly to be coming from a place of the heart, though I still find the original website to be more profound and transformational for those who are ready to journey into their own inner wisdom.
I trust that the Divine (Prime Creator or First Source) is always acting in perfect time and perfect fashion through each one of us to create what is best for all beings in this universe. The more we trust the Divine and align ourselves with what's best for all beings, the more easy, fluid, and love-filled our lives become. For me, this is an essential part of what the WingMakers are telling us.
I most highly recommend that you open to your own spiritual guidance in exploring these matters.
If they resonate for you, I also highly recommend reviewing the original WingMakers philosophical essays and poems from time to time, as they will very likely awaken ever more light and love inside of you. I very much enjoy reading the philosophical essays once every few months, and invariably find myself inspired anew.
We are clearly in the middle of an incredible planetary shift, which is but a reflection of deep changes within each of us and within the collective consciousness of humanity. I am happy to help with this collective shift in any way I can. I am also very excited and thankful to have the profound wisdom of the WingMakers as a reminder to look within myself for the deepest answers. I warmly welcome your thoughts or questions on any of this. You can send a message by visiting this link.
Thanks for your interest in the profound WingMakers material, and you have a great day!
With heartfelt love and warm wishes,
for the PEERS Team  
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton
For a detailed, revealing comparison of changes to the WingMakers interviews, click here. And for those interested, I had a fascinating exchange of emails with the alleged founders of the WingMakers website, Mark Hempel and James.
To read this stimulating dialog where I ask questions about some of the points listed above, click here. If you resonate strongly with the WingMakers material, you might also enjoy an exciting new website we have created for the planetary transformation team at

To access the entire original WingMakers website almost exactly as it once appeared, enter here.

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For an abundance of uplifting materials which call us to be all that we can be and to work together for positive change, please visit the Inspiration Center at

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