Saturday, June 4, 2016


Submitted by: Divid Bertrand

Subject: Wake-up Military and Law Enforcement, WE are NOT Your Enemy in this Civil War II

Friends and Associates:

I know it's hard for many (especially in mid-America) to believe we are on the verge of a new civil war in America. It's underway as we speak...the green light has been given, and the "social weapon" is the La Raza "Reconquista" radical thugs that openly express their hatred for whites. They are the Mexican KKK of our time, but wait !

To really understand how their anger progressed over the years, since about 1915, I urge you to look at the video below which details the movement and how and why they want to" kill every white over the age of 16."

Also...if you missed my last couple of commentaries, please take a look now. Many of us out here see the writing on the wall and it says...we are just about at war in America. The enablers.....Obama, Clinton and George Soros, not to mention Homeland Security and their secret release program exposed by Judicial Watch this week....the release of thousands of (illegal aliens) into neighborhoods across America is the final stage of an invasion meant to justify Martial Law and eventually a Communist dictatorship.

 Venezuela American style has begun !

"Obama is the latest version of 21st century mass mind control, the psych warfare engineers are counting on Obama to finish the plans they began decades ago." ---Alex Jones

Wake-up military and law enforcement....we are your neighbors, (WARNING) don't attempt to fight us !!

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