Friday, June 3, 2016


Submitted by: David Bertrand

What Civil War II Looks Like.....

Friends and Associates:

What does a Civil War II look like in AmeriKa?

The Clinton / Soros thugs are out in force to impose their socialist / communist hate agenda against whites...period !

It's NOT only about Trump's political stand against Mexico's encouraged invasion of America, but is only an excuse to conduct war operations against white Americans that want the tyranny to end. The radical Mexican "Reconquista Movement" is now active and receiving instructions from their leader....Hillary Clinton of whom will keep the border open for drug smuggling and human trafficking. Record polls show that most legal Mexican Hispanics do NOT approve a Reconquista war. 

The radical Hispanic Mexicans believe the Southwest United States was stolen by whites from Mexico. Referred to as Aztlan, the "Reconquest" by the far right Nationalist Front of Mexico (thugs) are mobilizing under direction / approval by Hillary Clinton and George Soros (Media Matters).

Following "Rules For Radicals" written by Hillary's (mentor), Saul D. Alinsky..... the Clintons have a history of using her radical activist techniques to quiet those that interfered with their corrupt deals and cocaine smuggling operations in Arkansas. To silence their critics, the Clintons mobilized the Arkansas State Troopers to harass those that wanted to expose the corruption, including Bill's sexual attacks on women. Others that tried to expose corrupt deals (Whitewater and Mena Airport operations) were dealt with extreme measures that included alleged suicided events (90 plus), broken arms, legs, and bogus investigations, etc. (Source Larry Nichols)

Now, as she attempts to evade prison, the gloves are off ! They fear a Trump presidency because he WILL begin a massive deportation round-up of those that we see now....waving Mexican flags, burning the American flag, beating Trump supporters, and destroying police vehicles. The latest attack in San Jose California, outside the recent Trump rally, is called the "worst attacks so far."

The San Jose mayor approved...the local police stood-down as Trump supporters were bloodied, and the media blamed Trump for the riots. 

We can clearly see her campaign operatives have motivated / encouraged the "Reconquista Brown Shirts" (based-in San Diego) and occupying areas of the Southwest United States. We can also bet that Mexico has approved the quasi-Mexican war on America(ns).

In the meanwhile, we have approximately 20 political prisoners sitting in a Portland jail, without bond or trial, for occupying the Malheur Wildlife Reserve peacefully. Because they are white and not members of the "Black Lives Matter," or "Occupy Wall Street" and because these patriots were exposing Hillary's 'Uranium One' scheme to sell (Oregon) uranium mining rights to Russia, those white patriots will sit in jail as Mexican terrorist thugs try to disrupt the Trump presidency. 

This is the beginning of Civil War lines of soldiers on horse back, or cannons shooting across the land, but terrorist thugs that have no legal right in America....they are the volunteers recruited by and supported by this rogue government to fight the American people.

Who or what will stand with them? Legal immigrants in America? Maybe a small contingency ! But what the terrorists will get as support, will be those that we trust for our safety! Sanctuary cities (like San Jose) are a clear and present danger, which Trump will end.

I see no end anytime soon, but do see their opportunity advancing to the point when the guns will come-out and people will die.

Unfortunately, Obama, the Clintons, Soros, and the corporate propaganda media have been successful by turning America inside out, as a race issue, while attempting to label anyone and everyone that gets in THEIR "Racist Bigots."

This has been the plan for quite some time and Pandora's box has been opened. Trump is not part of that plan, but he and the rest of us that support his pledge to "Make America Great Again" are now the accused. When you back a bear into the corner with a stick, the bear will strike with extreme vengeance. The more we hear about San Jose and other potentially deadly events, the people will rise and the war will escalate.

Will Obama act on the violence by instructing the DoJ to assure the safety of Trump supporters at upcoming rallies, or will he sit back and wait for his opportunity to declare a National Emergency and cancel the elections in November? 

I think you know the answer to that !!   

"The events in California ahead of the state’s primary next week reveal the character of the anti-Trump movement: mobs of unruly youths, indistinguishable from gang members, beating people, destroying property and attacking police. Mindless violence, much of it whipped up by a corporate media that has portrayed Trump as a racist and fascist, is now regarded as a form of political protest."

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