Tuesday, June 7, 2016

GRASSTOPS USA 06/07/2016

Here They Are: The 11 Biggest RINOs In The House Of Representatives

With Republicans like these in the Paul Ryan's House of Representatives, who needs Democrats. Here's the list, complete with scorecard rankings. Some of these names are going to be complete and total shockers. Be sure to share the list with your friends, it's information that everyone needs to know...

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Republicans Vote For Obama's Transgender Bathroom Decree

We name the names but this latest attempt to make Barack Obama's unconstitutional "Transgender Bathroom Executive Decree" the law of the land was not the radical left's first bite at the apple... and it will not be their last...

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Trump Reveals Who He Believes Will Be The First Female President And It's A Shocker

No, it's not Hillary Clinton. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump revealed in a tweet Friday who he thinks will be the first female president... In response to another Twitter user, Trump tweeted out: "I think the first female president of the USA will be...

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Secret Service Agent To Publish 'Tell-All' On Hillary Clinton

A Secret Service agent who protected Hillary Clinton is set to publish a tell-all book. Gary Byrne says he was posted outside Bill Clinton's Oval Office in the 1990s and that what he saw 'sickened him'. His expose is causing deep concern in the White House...

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