Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Robert Quinn writes:

                                                                          Chapter I
                                        "No person, except a natural-born citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President."
                                                Article II,Section I-US Constitution
     Approximately 233 years ago our Revolutionary War began. When it ended, the United States of America was born, liberty proclaimed and laws enacted under the new Constitution. At that time, John Jay wisely convinced George Washington to include in the Constitution the Article II, Section 1 provision limiting the Presidency and Vice-Presidency to natural-born American citizens, so that no one with a dual-nationality or other foreign allegiance (British, for example) could adversely affect the governance of our Country, a provision casually ignored by many in today's political arena who treat Article II,Section I (as well as other parts of our Constitution) as "throwaway" pieces of legislation if they conflict with one's ambition.
      By deliberately deceiving and lying to America and preventing access to virtually every document bearing his name, plus criminally offering a false " Certification of Live Birth (COLB) and a later false 2011 Certificate of Live Birth as proof of eligibility, Obama has demonstrated that he doesn't attempt to secure copies of documents from the issuing entities. Instead, new ones are created just for him. He has "cloaked" truth in secrecy and stolen a Presidency! Recently, on a National TV "open" mike, all America accidentally overheard him telling his subordinates to "find a way around The Constitution." Apparently, they succeeded. This from a man who, when inaugurated, swore under oath to defend that same Constitution. Today, our Constitutional liberty is sorely threatened. What John Jay feared has arrived, in the person of Barack Obama!
         The year is 2008 AD. To support his claim of being a "natural-born" American citizen it's odd that Obama was aware of a status which today's judges cannot find anyone  with "standing" to challenge. Obama, former Constitutional teacher, allowed his COLB, with but 13 points of information, to be posted on the Daily Kos website, while fully aware that only a long-form "Certificate of Live Birth", requiring approx. 41 points of information, was valid for one seeking The Presidency.Included in the approx. 28 missing points on his COLB were the birth certificate number(blacked out), Hospital name, Physician and birth witnesses. Now there's transparency! Though all COLB's specifically warn "Any alteration invalidates this Certificate" Obama criminally used his COLB to steal the Presidency!
            Though his COLB was ineligible and promptly identified as fraudulent by many computer experts, his deception continued until April,2011. During that time many lawsuits, unreported by the Media, challenged his eligibility. Most were dismissed as having "no standing", against plaintiffs who did have "standing". They were standing up for our Constitution!
             Not once did Obama offer to produce a valid "Certificate of Live Birth", even when subpoenaed by Courts. America believed we were electing a president. Apparently Obama believed he had been crowned a King. He would sacrifice (and he did) any person or expense to prevent professional scrutiny of his COLB.Why would he not release a Health Dept. "Certificate of Live Birth copy, a simple solution to a serious challenge....unless he feared the consequences of disclosure and, as his subsequent actions confirmed, was now experiencing that fear? Also, not incidentally, one Federal Judge even dismissed a case by claiming Obama had been "thoroughly vetted and massaged by America's vigilant citizenry during his two year Presidential campaign" whereas, in fact, Presidential vetting is not exercised by "America's vigilant citizenry" but by elected representatives charged with obeying the Constitution. Sadly, they ignored their responsibility.
                                                      THE PATH OF DECEPTION
                When more and more people challenged Barack Obama's presidential eligibility the limited value of a COLB became too obvious even for Obama. It was a document which, even if authentic, could only bestow a "naturalized citizenship" status at best. It could help one obtain a passport, social security number or even to seek a license to drive a car....but not a NATION. Obama knew this, yet allowed the deception to continue. If his COLB truly matched a Hawaiian Health Dept.copy, as he previously claimed, it would make both documents COLB's, and both unacceptable for Presidential aspirants. Please reflect on that last sentence. Does anyone still wonder why Obama will not allow Hawaii to release a presumed copy for scrutiny?
                  Obama, his staff, former Press Sec'y Robert Gibbs and the Major Media outlets keep citing his COLB as proof of eligibility to this day. Realizing his attempt to deceive America with this document was failing, Obama immediately refused to allow any documents concerning his birth, schooling,etc. to be disclosed to anyone. His "transparency" consisted of only allowing a document which he, Obama, allowed to be viewed while never allowing direct access to the Hawaiian Health Dept. His secrecy seduced our Nation! Something, however, arose in 2010-2011 which forced Obama to change his defense of his "claimed" eligibility....to be continued>

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