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Submitted by: Donald Hank

The fact that the German Parliament recognized the Armenian Genocide is not the news, not even close.
I reported to you recently that the German state owned TV cable station presented an amazingly frank documentary on Turkish President Erdogan, exposing him as a horrible tyrant, which he surely is, and as a bully who has taken advantage of Merkel's low IQ, blackmailing the silly thing to the detriment of Germany and Europe. Germans are increasingly stating what used to be a politically uncomfortable fact, namely, that Edogan has blackmailed Germany and the entire EU into accepting refugees unvetted. Barring a miracle, Merkel's political days are numbered thanks to the new wave of glasnost. It is also no longer politically necessary to defend the Muslim hordes and as a result, an increasing number of them are being culled out.
About a year ago or more, the UN took a vote to determine whether the nations of the world thought the Armenian genocide was really genocide. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of the relevant events knows darn well it was, but while many lesser nations openly recognized the genocide, Russia was the only world power that voted that it was genocide, much to the ire of bully Erdogan. (Russia later paid for their insolent truthfulness by shooting down a Russian airplane over Syria). 
The US Congress has acknowledged the genocide as such but the exceptionally weak.kneed Obama has refrained from using the term so as  not to offend poor Erdogan, who keeps getting smacked down by world opinion (

Since becoming president he has retreated from those statements, stating only that his opinion has not changed but refusing to use the word genocide.
For his extreme cowardice, Obama will join Merkel in the Hall of Shame.
Don Hank

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In Defense of Christians Commends German Parliament for Recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

Calls for Present-Day Protection of Religious Minorities Experiencing Similar Genocide Under ISIS.

June 2, 2016 (Washington, DC)  - In Defense of Christians Executive Director Kirsten Evans issued the following statement:                       
“Today, In Defense of Christians (IDC) commends the German Parliament for standing tall in solidarity with Christians and other vulnerable communities in the Middle East.
“Its recognition of the 1915 massacre of Armenians and other Christians by Ottoman forces as a ‘genocide’ calls the international community to conscience in the face of the ongoing genocide waged today against Christians, Yazidis, and other religious minorities by the so-called Islamic State.
“With German affirmation of the crime, over 25 countries have officially recognized the Armenian Genocide.  The brutal campaign of religious and ethnic-cleansing took place between 1915-1917, targeting Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, and other vulnerable Christian communities, and murdering more than a million men, women, and children.  
“In the face of the genocide against Christians and other religious minorities being waged today by ISIS, and the targeting of Christians by extremist groups in other parts of the world, acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide is a moral and historical  imperative. Recognition is necessary to strengthen the modern conscience, to protect the world from the repetition of similar horrors, and is critical for any hope of reconciliation and healing between communities.
“Last year, on the one-hundredth anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Pope Francis insisted that only through recognition and reconciliation ‘will new generations open themselves to a better future, and will the sacrifice of so many become seeds of justice and peace.’      
“IDC stands in solidarity with the descendants of the Armenian Genocide, as well as with the many Middle Eastern Christian communities that suffer similar persecution today.  
“We call upon President Obama to honor his pledge to commemorate the Armenian Genocide, and call upon the United States Congress to enact legislation seeking a truthful and just resolution of this dark chapter of world history. 
“IDC calls upon the entire global community to acknowledge the historic reality of the Ottoman genocide of the Armenian, Assyrian, Greek, and other Christian communities, and to work unremittingly to protect religious minorities suffering similar atrocities today.”
  IDC exists to empower the Middle Eastern Christian Diaspora and energize the American people to stand in solidarity with the Christian communities in the region.
Last September, IDC’s National  Leadership Convention, “Mobilizing America for Christians in the Middle East” was the platform for Congressman Jeff Fortenberry’s (R-NE) public announcement of House Con. Resolution 75, an initiative to declare the systematic persecution of Christians and other religious minorities under ISIS as genocide.  On March 14th the resolution passed with a historic and unanimous vote. 

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