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From: Zak.....Viet Nam Vets' Parade in NYC......
Hi Bob,  
Back in the mid-eighties, I marched in a Viet Nam Veterans' parade in NYC that would never have taken place if it were not for the monetary backing of Mr. Trump. It took me a while to find this article online, as many of the articles left out the fact that Mr. Trump's backing was critical to making this event happen.   Thanks, Zak/USMC/Viet Nam/'68-'69
BJ3: Senator America hits another home run...From: Jenny....Sessions to GOP: Adapt to Trump or Die.....In an exclusive interview for POLITICO's 'Off Message' podcast, the Alabama senator warns fellow Republicans to fall in line...

From: Jenny.....BREAKING: Supreme Court Makes Huge Move to Protect Americans From Obama’s Last Months
BJ3: official “stuff it” classy...Guess it was too hard on them.
From: Bob Rankin...what if you're not ready to give up your Windows 7 or 8 system permanently...Microsoft says July 29, 2016, is the last day to upgrade your Windows 7 or 8 system to Windows 10 free of charge. After July 29, you will have to pay for a retail copy of Windows 10 ($119 for a Home upgrade or $199 for the Pro edition). Most people will eventually upgrade, but what if you're not ready to give up your Windows 7 or 8 system permanently by July 29? Here's a secret to delay the process as long as you want, and still get Win10 for free...

From: blueislandbobsue...Everyone, See Debbie's message.  Yes, We can stop this 'Government Windows' if we all work together.   Please pass this on.  God Bless and Protect America.
From: "Debbie"    Subject: Re: below....'my experience with MICROSOFT '
Glad to see more people are giving them the heave-ho on this fraud.  It is fraud, you know.  After all I went through on the first round of having everything removed, they tried it AGAIN a week later.  As soon as I saw the icon was back on the bottom bar and a pop up to upgrade appeared; I hit the x (which is designed now to do the opposite...and at some point Microsoft simply decides when to download like my previous experience).  I then called Microsoft and went bat shit on them ;o))  They spent another 45 minutes going through all the files and checking and rechecking to make sure everything regarding Windows 10 was gone permanently.  He restarted my system a few times and then did another check to make sure nothing was left or updated into my system.  He promised me I would have no more issues with it.  We'll see.  I told him I did not want 'government Windows' and that this is tantamount to 'rape'...a total violation of our wishes and an unforgiveable intrusion into our privacy and so on.If EVERYONE would flood this criminal organization and their public servants with displeasure and demands to do away with this would be a real eye opener to them.  They need to stop assuming WE will simply bend over!!!  And it is all the people who bend over that cause more problems for the rest of us.

From: blueislandbobsue...
See Laura's message and the link.  Yes most of us have been aware the danger of Window's 10 just keep complaining to all you can within this treasonous government.   May God's Blessings Flow.....From: "L r Dutton"......
Well, here you go.
Guess, they are trying to lower the net aka microsoft Windows OS 10 because they have their little people in place .. Listen to this video. More than likely it includes all email will be removed if found to contain any hate speech. NWO Shut Down Free Speech: YT, FB, Twitter, Google, Microsoft
From: blueislandbobsue.....
Microsoft 10 is surely out to get us!!!   Thank God for each other and our ways of following His path to help each other.  Be on guard to stop Microsoft 10.....From: "Nancy Battle"
Read below....'my experience with MICROSOFT '...I have a 'Jet Pac' aka Mi-fi box for the nearest cell tower reception....worked well till 4 days showed I had good reception yet my internet froze and showed an 'exclamation mark' over my reception bars..........I called Verizon, my server and we kept restart, shut down' and all of a sudden the Internet resumed......I suspected that Microsoft 10 was the is trying to FORCE people to download it.....I called Microsoft (1-800-642-7676) a rep. from somewhere other than America and told her IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS to erase EVERYTHING EMBEDDED CONCERNING MICROSOFT 10, OFF MY COMPUTER ,  INCLUDING THE ICON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE more problem...she took over my computer and completely erased it........WHEW !  now I'm back to normal !  (no link)
From: Rob E .....Ransomware is working, and the cybercrooks know it | ZDNet.....
The trick is to disconnect from the internet Immediately and run the Malwarebytes Full Scan..

From: Sher Zieve....Hmmm.  If you don't understand Trump, you really don't understand the universe...
Stephen Hawking can understand the universe, but not Donald Trump
Was content censored...made a change.
Trump insider Roger Stone about upcoming threats to the trump campaign and what he thinks Trump's next move will be

Outrage! 15 GOP insiders backstabbing Trump...He's officially won the Republican nomination -- but that won't stop party insiders from trying to stop him. Meet 15 establishment Republicans who are refusing to back Trump -- and who could throw the Republican convention into chaos. Read More
BJ3: “They” must be REALLY desperate...From: sherzieve......More on Trump University......
This woman who originally filed suit against "Trump U" originally gave it very high marks, rave written reviews and said it was "excellent."  She begged to back out of the suit and the judge agreed.  As we know, from today's story exposing the judge's relationship to the Clintons and his law firm paying them $450,000 for "speeches," this whole suit seems to have been set up by the Clintons and smells to high Heaven...

From: The Angry Patriot...ALERT – Glenn Beck Forced OFF AIR After Saying THIS About Trump...

From: D Johnson ...
This needs to go viral and fast.  What we the people already know. 
Still Report #905 - Clinton Will Be Indicted on Racketeering?  (changed)

The $16 Billion Tax-Credit Black Hole Michelle Malkin...President Obama and Paul Ryan want to expand it. Tax preparation companies and illegal immigrants are cashing in on it. The earned income tax credit, a bipartisan-supported "anti-poverty" benefit, is robbing honest, law-abiding Americans blind......
The ones who don't care or respect for our Democracy, Freedom and Constitution
The Citizens that never registered to vote.
To Registered Voters that lost their jobs when by negligence didn't want to go to vote.
The ones who are complaining about the economy and are hiring illegal aliens.
The ones who are accepting “Amnesty” and are jeopardizing our Country.
The ones who feel sorry for illegal kids, instead of feeling sorry for our children.
The Sanctuary Churches that don't care for our Country.
This Country was built on the Rock that was Jesus and the basic Laws were the Ten Commandments, if we Christians don't care for our Country, who will?
ANITA HYNDS (Activist):     (no link)

From: sherzieve...
BBC submits to Shari'a Law...From: "cam39470"
BBC Apologizes For Being Too Christian, Promises More Islamic Content

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