Monday, June 6, 2016


Blue Angels Marine Pilot Capt. Jeff Kuss Could Have Ejected Once He Knew His Plane Was Going To Crash…But He Didn’t

Facebook Harasses Christians and Conservatives – Allows Islamic State to Sell Christian and Pagan Girls as Sex Slaves
How Our Federal Constitution “Secures” Our God Given Rights
Psychiatry: The True Origins of Racism
The Keynesians Stole The Jobs
Clinton Refuses to Recognize the Right to Keep and Bear Arms - Instead Gives What She Thinks and Believes
Mexican Team Gets Home Field Advantage in America
‘The Atheist Delusion’: Ray Comfort’s Masterpiece
Obama Is The Most Radical Pro-LGBT President In U.S. History
Watch: This Lady Completely Loses Control After Her EBT Food Stamps Card Is Declined
This Academic Claims 9/11 Was a CIA Operation, Saudi Arabia Not Entirely to Blame [Video]
Why Is The Weather So Crazy All Of A Sudden?
Muslim Predators Kidnap British Virgin Teen Girl And Take Turns Raping Her, When They Are Arrested They Accuse Her Of Being A ‘Sexual Predator’
Islamic Council Of Clerics and Scholars: Husbands can beat Their Wives with a Stick if They Refuse Sex
House Passes Bill Urging Law Enforcement to have No Contact with Terror-Tied CAIR
Hundreds of Christians Are Running for Office, Inspired by Leaders on the Left Coast [VIDEO]
Donald Trump Finally Gave the Press Conference that Every Republican Wanted to See
US Army Sodomite Civilian Leader: My Promotion is “Remarkable”

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