Monday, June 6, 2016


Video: Donald Trump Spokeswoman Katrina Pierson Called Birther Over Obama's College Transcripts

BJ3: Absolutely EXCELLENT.  Great job you dummies...out of the closet...What mindless was about “MEXICANS”, not Hispanics.  I challenge anyone to tell an Hispanic that it’s the same. You'd better be able to cover your ears or run fast.
From: Jenny...
San Jose Police Chief Who Admits ALLOWING ATTACKS on Trump Supporters is Affiliated With La Raza

From: Savage...Protester speaks out: 'I was paid $3,500 to protest Trump's rally'
From: Sher Zieve
.....More good info!  Thanks to Dave....From: Dave Hollenbeck  
From: jmr1948...
Reading the obituary for Fred Trump contained in one of the links on this page sheds more light onto Trump's beginnings too. 
Woodhaven is where my family lived, the German half that is, ''Trump'' was a household word from their grocery store to their small but well known building business at that time well before my own time, most I heard from my great aunts and uncles who lived there in Woodhaven south of Jamaica avenue and the elevated train tracks you'll see in that one photo of ''Trump's'' Grocery Store... 
We're getting a good man this time around, he can fix this country. He grew up the same time and place I did and knows how
it should be...From: Dave Hollenbeck   The Secret of Trump
His father made him work with common construction workers.


From: blueislandbobsue....Go, Go, and Three Cheers for Diamond and Silk!!!!   God Bless our America...
From: "Kathy Hawkins" "Donald J Trump called a supporter an African American and the Media gets it all Twisted!"
From: Jenny...Anti-Trump Judge is Hispanic Grand Dragon.....Media downplays Clinton education scandal as supremacist judge oversees Trump case
From: Sher Zieve...Paul Ryan's fake conservative actor masque fell to the floor some time ago...From: Dave Hollenbeck...Dr. Gosar is MY congressman...From: Joseph R. John
​Capt, U S Navy-ret
Republican House Leaders Okay With "Illegal Aliens" Being Recruited Into the US Armed Forces

From: Jean Rice...This is a pretty good summary on Obama and his background as well as pointing out the fake shootings etc. which the neocons hope will lead to gun control.  Good synopsis in as few words as possible and this was written by a minister!  People are waking up….finally! Obama: the Ultimate Temp

BJ3: From Charlite re the title just below...This mongrel posing as POTUS - and his minions, both Latino raiders and Muslim invaders - have spent (so far) 7 1/2 years importing our DESTROYERS! - yet the squishes in the GOP 'leadership' - -  both in Congress and in all 50 state capitols - - have caved in, sat back and DONE NOTHING to stop a potential Civil War II PLUS WW III - This is so obvious that it sets my hair on fire just watching the cowardly silence everywhere in our centers of power. Does anyone SERIOUSLY BELIEVE that Donald J. Trump won't lift a finger to stop this as quickly as possible, given the resources at the disposal of the President of the United States of America? Doesn't Trump's entire life story PROVE that he's a high level achiever? - that he knows how to effectively wield POWER to produce a positive, pro-American outcome? Just mentioning............  
From: Dave Bertrand..VIA BobJen Newsletter...Wake-up Military and Law Enforcement, WE are NOT Your Enemy in this Civil War II
From: Kathy Hawkins   "The Law of Rights in 3 Minutes - Guns and Freedom" 

From: Lee S Gliddon Jr    
From: America Conservative 2 Conservative

From: Peri McMillan   
From: Barb and Joe M  From: Abernethy, Virginia Deane
86,000 Illegal Immigrants Have Committed 231,000 Crimes in 2.5 Years

From: Savage...DHS quietly releasing illegal aliens in cities without processing
From: Rob E...How Apple tracks your location without consent, and why it matters..
From: Jenny...Pit Bull patiently waits in line for ice cream

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