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BJ3: We can only hope that this is a sign of some much unwanted (for mcamnesty) inside info...
From: Sher Zieve...
Thankfully, she wasn't knocked down but, looks like McNasty McCain and his equally Mcnasty Goon Squad are beginning new and McNastier efforts against his competition...From:Dave Hollenbeck
Exclusive Video – Hot and Heavy In Arizona: John McCain Staff Gets Rough With Challenger Kelli Ward Family  

On Monday evening, a senior staffer for Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Trevor Abarzua, nearly toppled over the mother of Dr. Kelli Ward—the former state senator working to unseat McCain—inside a restaurant...

From: sherzieve...
Hopefully, they'll get rid of the London Mayor, also...
From: "doug walk"...
(All the rest of the "sheep" in the E.U. will be watching this and following) [ The Obama/Hillary criminal cartel is fully responsible for the migrant debacle]
Crabb, candidate to lead Britain, says immigration control a top priority - One America News Network..."The first candidate to put himself forward to succeed David Cameron as British prime minister, Stephen Crabb, has said a top priority for him would be to take back control of immigration policy."

San Diego Residents Offer to Pay Additional $4,000 in Taxes if it Means Deporting Illegals

From: sherzieve  
From: freedomusa...
From: Savage...Japan's top court approves blanket surveillance of the country's Muslims
From: Jenny...EXCLUSIVE: Paul Nehlen Donates Rifles, Armor and Drone to Border Sheriffs, Slams Paul Ryan
Comment from Sher...Sadly, if they're to be believed, the polls show a massive lead by the traitor Ryan...
BJ3; And WAY overdue...From: sherzieve...
He courageously continues to place himself in harm's way from attacks by the ruling elite.  Mr. Trump may be one of our last Men of Honor....From: "doug walk"...(Trump will undo most of the damage done by Clinton & Obama, anyone who votes to sustain this job-killing damage [Hillary] is an enemy of America)
Trump vows to reopen, or toss, NAFTA pact with Canada and Mexico - One America News Network
"Trump criticized the North American Free Trade Agreement as a U.S. job killer, saying he would be willing to scrap the pact if Canada and Mexico were unwilling to budge."

BJ3: Just a vivid reminder...and the money doesn’t hurt either.  Here's How Obama Gained Control Of Mainstream Media
From: RUSH...There's a High Probability Nate Silver Is Wrong Again About Donald Trump...June 29, 2016
RUSH:  He's back now predicting Hillary Clinton has a 79% chance of winning the presidency, compared to Trump's 20%.  Now, Silver still has a lot of acolytes out there.  He still has a lot of true believers.  And they're applauding and they're partying and they're ecstatic, but they are forgetting something crucial.  Nate Silver has been wrong about Donald Trump predictions seven times since last June.

BJ3...and something about the polls.  Btw, our polls still have Trump +10.  However. with every outreach of “looking more presidential”, there has been a slight jiggle. Still, as long as he continues his straight-talk rallies, we think it will hold.
From: charlite...THE POLL WEEVILS - from today's edition of RUTHFULLY YOURS!! <<<
BJ3: Complete and total BULL. Yeah right, we sure believe any such poll from those still asleep on “Morning Joe”. First consider who does it (any “ties” to anyone?), second, consider the sampling method, and third, after considering “everything else”, add at least 10% to Trump (and off Clinton) to offset most of the other hidden flaws and biases. We still say Trump is +10 (though there is a jiggle the more he acts to look “presidential”).
From: sherzieve  New Poll shows Trump and Hillary virtually Tied

From: RUSH...The Polling Data Isn't Good for Hillary...June 29, 2016 RUSH: The Quinnipiac poll is out, and there's an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, and they're not telling you the meat in that poll.  I'm telling you: Aside from Hillary's lead in the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, that's the only thing in that poll that is decent or good for her.  Everything else is a near-disaster.  F. Chuck Todd of NBC News realizes it and made reference to it.  The Quinnipiac poll has Trump and Hillary neck and neck, and the upshot of their poll is that nobody likes either of them.

From: Savage...Ex-Secret Service officer blasts Hillary as ‘a dictator’...(New York Post) Gary J. Byrne, a Secret Service officer who guarded the Oval Office ..
From: Jenny.....Hillary Clinton’s Vow To College Grads: I’ll Outsource Your Jobs To Foreign Graduates
BJ3: She should be meeting instead with the next possible AG....Jeanine Pirro...From: sherzieve...Solidifying her next gig should Hillary win?  Or, is Bill giving Loretta instructions on what her DOJ needs to do to get rid of Trump?
Loretta Lynch Privately Meets With Bill Clinton Aboard Personal Plane

BJ3: An “interesting” poll would be...the percentage of verified voters who think Hillary lies (plus whatever else such as below). Then, e.g., if 50%, then how many of those people would still vote for her. From: sherzieve...Appears she can no longer stand anything that smacks of honesty.  All is now criminal behavior with Hillary...
From: charlite...Trump is correct. - 'Never has a more corrupt politician sought the presidency of the United States of America.' - [factually accurate going back 35 years - on the corruption scale, the Clintons are off the radar charts.........and it is essential that Trump and his supporters continue to educate the American people about just how rotten these skunks really are.]

The Globalists Have Declared War on the Nationalists- Every Conspiracy Theory Is Admitted to by the Elite
U.S. Surrendering Its Independence to U.N
BJ3: Please don’t even try to tell us that Scalia wasn’t a hit...From: sherzieve  
From: freedomusa...
BJ3: Yep...What a crock...out of desperation!   From: sherzieve...This is an all out war against Donald Trump from virtually all quarters...including--but not limited to--the lyin' media, traitors Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the entire Bush family, the RINO Repubs, most countries Luciferian Left "leaders," Islam etc.  All these--and more--solidify Trump is the only human now running for office who has any desire and ability to get America back to its roots.  All of the others want to kill the Tree of Liberty...From: "doug walk" (More desperation tactics from Hillary liberals) [Anyone who listens to these BS polls is as stupid as they think they are]
Exclusive: Trump supporters more likely to view blacks negatively - Reuters/Ipsos poll - One America News Network

Guardian- Old People Voting Against Climate or Brexit is “Intergenerational Theft”
From: Sher Zieve....."Cultural Appropriations?"  Another ObamaGov rule to regulate human activity and thought.  And the Repub Congress members?  Nowhere to be found on any of these insane issues and regulations but, most support Obama's tyranny. Vanessa Hudgens Accused of Cultural Appropriation After Sharing Dreamcatcher Pic
From: Jenny...
Adorable video shows the moment a tiny kitten makes a break for freedom from a pet store pen - and the puppy next to it could not be more excited

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