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Geopolitical Ideologies upon US !!!
We are governed by an elite cadre of Oligarchs that have
taken over both major political parties. An orchestrated
velvet coup has occurred that most Americans to this very
moment are
clueless. In short, a nation which is not guided by
strong ethical principles based upon an objective, absolute
standard, will be blown about like a rudderless, anchorless
ship in a storm. And a people who have no virtue will not
consider the future or greater rewards and concepts,
but only their immediate personal gain.
Maranatha !

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Operation Root Canal Therapy is needed !!!

Trump 43%, Clinton 39% - White House Watch
The latest Rasmussen Reports 2016 presidential poll:

New Trump ad on Clinton

Hillary Accused Of Murder By Navy Seal
As elected officials speak in humble tones and file elaborate, in-depth reports to offer insight and analysis about the attack on the Benghazi compound in Libya that left four Americans dead, this former Navy SEAL cuts right to the heart of the issue and has issued his own scathing accusation of murder... [...]

Look What Clinton Did IMMEDIATELY After Gowdy Released Benghazi Report
Just moments after the House Benghazi committee released its final report of their investigation of the 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pulled a classic liberal tactic by attempting to change the subject. She decided to attack the Second Amendment. [...]

Why Hillary Is Stalling Her FBI Interview
by Ed Klein

James Comey, the straight-arrow director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is eager to wind up his investigation of Hillary Clinton's use of an unsecure email system, but he can't do that until he and Justice Department prosecutors sit down with Hillary and interview her. Hillary says that neither she nor her campaign have been contacted by the FBI. But that is not true. [...]

Hillary Clinton: “I Will Always Stand With Planned Parenthood,” It Does “Extraordinary Things”
Earlier this month, pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told activists at a Planned Parenthood
abortion business rally that she would “always have your back.” She means it.

Hillary’s ‘smart power’ foreign policy makes her unfit for command
by Dr. Rich Swier

Today’s headlines are about the U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence report on Benghazi. Benghazi is the expected outcome of Hillary Clinton’s “smart power” policy while she was Secretary of State. This policy is part of her platform as the Democratic Party nominee for president. [...]

Lynch is an expert at double speak ...
Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton meet in Phoenix (0:59)
Published on Jun 29, 2016 - ABC15 Arizona

Loretta Lynch Privately Meets With Bill Clinton Aboard Personal Plane

Bill Clinton Summons Attorney General Lynch To His Private Jet…Why?

Lee S Gliddon Jr: Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport – Clinton and Lynch reported to have meet.
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Yavoh ~ He is coming !
Yahweh - Yeshua -  Ruach Ha-Kodesh
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה  
Minute by minute updates here ...
Watching for Yeshua Ha-Mashiach,7340,L-3089,00.html
Pray at the Kotel - the Western Wailing Wall
Entire Media News on this Planet
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Thanks - beloved Ted Belman writing from Jerusalem, Israel for 14+ years ...
Kiryat Arba attack: Palestinian terrorist stabs teen girl to death in bedroom
by Tova Lazaroff - JPOST

Palestinian terrorist stabbed 13-year old Hallel Yaffa Ariel to death in her bedroom on Thursday morning after he infiltrated the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba, which is located next to Hebron. “My daughter was sleeping calmly when he [the terrorist] came into her bedroom,” Hallal’s mother Rina told Army Radio. “She was happy,’ she added. [...]

The victims of Islam ...
w vid Geert Wilders: Stand for Freedom !
Dutch opposition leader Geert Wilders discusses the dangers of the Islamization of the West and the growing
influence of Sharia law. He outlines his plans to defend the identity and civilization of the West from indoctrination.
Geert Wilders: Stand for Freedom! (4:19)
Published on Jun 29, 2016 - Gatestone Institute 

Evil sharia law ...
New Islamic Law Decrees Father’s Lust For Own Daughter NOT A Sin If The Child Is Over…
by Bob Amoroso

Perhaps the easiest way to understand the Islamic culture, is to understand its principles, its history, and its laws, and in particular it’s universal treatment of woman, gays, Christians and Jews, under the overall umbrella of “SHARIA” which may encompass and implement (depending on the various tribes, sects and nationalities) different degrees of “SHARIA” and perhaps even reference it by another name, however the one common denominator is the subjection of it’s victims. [...]

w vid How do you tell when a civilization is dangerously close to collapse?
by Dr. Rich Swier

CIVILIZATION IDENTITY will he increasingly important in the future, and the world will be shaped in large measure by the interactions among seven or eight major civilizations. These include Western, Confucian, Japanese, Islamic, Hindu, Slavic-Orthodox, Latin American and possibly African civilization. The most important conflicts of the future will occur along the cultural fault lines separating these civilizations from one another. – Samuel P. Huntington, Foreign Affairs, Volume 72, Number 3. [...]
Paul Weston explains, in the video below, that when one civilization fails
to see the existential threats from another, the collapse of one is inevitable. (6:33)

Japan's top court has approved blanket surveillance of the country's Muslims
by Matt Payton - The Independent

Japan's Supreme Court has upheld the government's blanket surveillance of the country's Muslim community. The court struck down the second appeal by Japanese Muslim plaintiffs against what they perceive as an unconstitutional invasion of their privacy and freedom of religion. A 2010 leak of 114 police files revealed nationwide surveillance of Japanese Muslims. The files revealed that Muslim places of worship, halal restaurants and Islam-related organisations across the capital, Tokyo, were being monitored. [...]

In the crosshairs ...
Islamic State Targets San Francisco and Las Vegas in New Video
by Adelle Nazarian

The Islamic State in Mosul released a video on Sunday, coinciding with the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade,
foreshadowing what appears to be a plan to attack the city, as well as Las Vegas or “Sin City.” [...] 

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Cold Iron Truth

We now have a Muslim government !!!!
by cold iron

Common sense doesn't grow in everyone's garden.
Here's something to think about, and why so many Americans support Donald Trump!!!!
(This information has all been checked, then double checked... it is 100% Correct.) [...]

Wounded Knee - THE LARGEST MASS SHOOTING IN America - 1890
by cold iron

Wounded Knee was among the first Federally backed gun confiscation attempts in United States history.
It ended in the senseless murder of 297 people. [...]

I’m not sure the majority of Americans recognize the seriousness of the situation
by cold iron

ALL Of A Sudden....Seven Short Years Have Passed!
Before Obama there was virtually no outlandish presence of Islam in America.
All of a sudden, Islam is [...] 

And the Lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one Lord, and his name one.
Zechariah 14:9 KJV

Geopolitical Ideologies upon US !!!

John Brennan on Transnational Threats to Global Security
Director, Central Intelligence Agency
John O. Brennan discusses instability and transnational threats to global security. (1:01:27)
Streamed live June 28, 2016

Council of Councils Fifth Annual Conference
Insights From a Council of Councils Workshop

Thanks beloved Ruth Hammons ...
Celente: The Panic Of 2016 - Worldwide Phenomena Rattle The Elite
As 2016 Sees A Civil Uprising Escalates Against Globalists
by Susan Duclos

Don't pop the champagne just yet because there is no way the globalists are going to just lay
down and give up after decades of work towards their One World Goverment agenda ... 

Globalism is defined as "the attitude or policy of placing the interests of the entire world above those of individual nations," while nationalism is described as "patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts," and "advocacy of political independence for a particular country." When a leader of a nation is elected it is with the assumption that said leader will put the welfare and well-being of their nations citizenry above all else, protect their best interests and defend their rights, but globalists leaders such as Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, David Cameron and others have failed, they have deliberately put international interests above what is best for their own people. From American politics to the successful "leave" campaign where Britons chose, 52 to 48 percent, to exit the globalists entity called the European Union (EU), we are witnessing a civil uprising by nationalists escalate against the globalists of the world and it has them rattled.
Battles are being won against the globalists across the globe, but the war has just begun. For years we have heard the common refrain "when is enough enough," with people asking "when are we going to stand up and fight," and those that can see the forest through the trees realize people are finally standing up and fighting back, but they really shouldn't be popping the champagne just yet because there is no way the globalists are going to just lay down and give up after decades of work towards their One World Goverment agenda. ...
Gerald Celente \\ Specıal BREXIT Episode (12:11)
Published on Jun 26, 2016 - Financial Alerts

Alex pist off good ...
The Globalists Are In Deep Sh*t (11:38
Published on Jun 26, 2016 - A direct message from Alex to the globalists,
He's not mincing any words and telling it like it is. Brexit is the first in many
defeats to come for the globalists as we continue to expose their anti-human agenda.

The Weaponized Use of Language as a Tool of Global Enslavement
by Jason Charles

If you have been paying attention, you know that liberals have unleashed a flood of new terms and words into our lexicon and culture. Words like CIS gendered, SJW (Social Justice Warrior), Cultural Appropriation, White Privilege, Microaggression, Rape Culture, Patriarchy, etc. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, they are all code words for the rationalized destruction of white, Christian, conservative Americans. [...]

Historical ...
The Contest Is On
by Chuck Baldwin

... “Who are the movers and shakers promoting global government?” you ask. Obviously, it is the international bankers who are the heavyweights behind the push for global government. Remember, one cannot create a “global economy” without a global government to manage, oversee, and control it. In a letter written to Colonel E. Mandell House, President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government of the U.S. since the days of Andrew Jackson.” “Old Hickory” did his best to rid the United States from the death grip that the international bankers were beginning to exert on this country. He may have been the last President to actually oppose the bankers (except for John F. Kennedy who wanted to disband the Federal Reserve and for which he was probably killed). [...]

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U.S. Surrendering Its Independence to U.N 
Unalienable rights.  The Bill of Rights.  Constitutional Order.  Limited government.  Separation of Powers. The brilliance of these is dimming as the U.S. secedes more and more of its autonomy to the United Nations and the efforts toward ‘globalization.’ The premise that rights are granted by a system of government, with full power to restrict or modify them at any time, threatens Americans in immeasurable ways. Yet, that’s exactly where we are headed. [...]

Rep. Thomas Massie calls for 'Amexit' from U.N.
by Katie

Inspired by the United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union last week, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) has renewed a call for America to leave the United Nations. H.R. 1205, dubbed the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, was first introduced in March 2015: The act would terminate the country’s membership in the international co-operative organization headquartered in New York City; it would, of course, sever the agreement regarding that Manhattan headquarters. It would also terminate America’s participation in the World Health Organization, as well as a host of environmental, educational, peacekeeping, diplomatic, scientific, and cultural efforts. “As a member of the UN, we bind our citizens to decisions made by undemocratic countries, when in fact our constitution should be the supreme law,” Massie wrote in a comment. He also piped in to express his support for other potential hashtags like “U Nexit” and “Americout.” The bill has six Republican co-sponsors. Unfortunately, it’s been languishing in the House Foreign Affairs Committee for over a year. [...]

Are There Preparations Being Made For American Occupation?
by Michael Ware

For many years, conspiracy theorists have been decrying the coming invasion of America. They have claimed that there
are insidious forces at work. People inside our government and world leaders working for the destruction of our liberty. [...]

What Is The Government Preparing For?
by Michael Snyder

You may not be getting prepared for a major national disaster, but the government sure is.  I have been informed that in recent months numerous emergency food companies have been contacted by the government, and they have been told that their inventories could potentially be seized in the event of a significant emergency.  And as you will see below, the government recently participated in an exercise that simulated “an unprecedented global food crisis lasting as long as a decade”. [...]

Thanks beloved Demastus - CSA ...
Supreme Court Just Created a Full Blown Police State – End of the USA Cannot Now Be Far Behind
by Martin Armstrong

The Supreme Court ruling in Utah v Strieff awarded the police total freedom to stop any citizen, at any time, to do whatever they desire. The Supreme Court determined that the “poisonous fruit” of a police officer’s stop of a citizen can be used against them at trial. This has wiped out, in reality, any constitutional protection you thought you had. This is a sad day for the United States, for the Supreme Court has officially created a full-blown police state and clearly has no intention of honoring why this nation began the entire American Revolution —  to prevent illegal searches that allowed the king to look for anything he could use to prosecute citizens. [...]
w vid America’s Gestapo — The FBI’s Reign of Terror
by John W. Whitehead - President, The Rutherford Institute

For instance, you might be a domestic terrorist in the eyes of the FBI
(and its network of snitches) if you:
- express libertarian philosophies (statements, bumper stickers) - exhibit Second Amendment-oriented views (NRA or gun club membership) - read survivalist literature, including apocalyptic fictional books - show signs of self-sufficiency (stockpiling food, ammo, hand tools, medical supplies) - fear an economic collapse - buy gold and barter items - subscribe to religious views concerning the book of Revelation - voice fears about Big Brother or big government - expound about constitutional rights and civil liberties - believe in a New World Order conspiracy [...] (35:09)
Published on Mar 26, 2016 - The Mind Renewed

Terror evidence? So what? FBI takes a quick look and leaves
Remember the San Bernardino shooting when the news media
was invited to go into the alleged shooters' apartment just a
day afterwards? Strange, huh? That sure doesn't happen in
normal life. Guess what? It happened again in Orlando.
Hard to believe, but you can see it with you own eyes.
Media Casually Touring Omar Mateen's Apt 24 Hrs After Shooting (4:58)
Published on Jun 18, 2016 - TRUTHstreammedia

Thanks beloved patriot at
Two Border Patrol Agents Assaulted by Illegal Aliens in One Week
by Ildefonso Ortiz

MCALLEN, TX - Attacks on border patrol agents continue to take place along the Texas border as illegal aliens
try to fight with authorities in an effort to elude capture. During a week’s period, two U.S. Border Patrol agents
have been attacked while trying to arrest illegal aliens crossing into the country. [...]

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Toxicity runs amuck ...
Gov. Scott Declares State of Emergency in St. Lucie and Martin Counties Following Algal Blooms
On June 29, 2016, in News Releases, by Staff
Also Directing DEP & FWC to Mitigate Spread of Algal Blooms ...

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Today, Governor Rick Scott issued Executive Order 16-155 declaring a state of emergency in Martin and St. Lucie Counties following the presence of algal blooms in local waterways. The Executive Order will allow state and local governmental agencies to take swift action to mitigate the spread of algal blooms in the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee estuaries by redirecting the flow of water in and out of Lake Okeechobee. Governor Scott is also directing the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to take specific actions to address the issues caused by blooms. To view Executive Order 16-155, [...]

Guaranteed to be confiscated ...
Big Shot Rifle Umbrella only $34.95
Soon to be available at airport gift shops
To open the umbrella, you just pull the trigger !

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NASA Speechless !
ENORMOUS Mystery Space Object Outshines Galaxy ! (10:01)
Published on Jun 16, 2016

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