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Vladimir Putin is not a world president or king of the world, whatever phony type of disloyal non-leader of the nation that signs his paycheck that Hussein Obama is. He’s addressing the concerns and the interests of Russia and the Russian people and he’s got a message for Obama and the world. The US anti-missile defense system in Europe risks the safety of the entire region. He’s not talking about cell phone or Internet access in sub-Saharan Africa or other non-important “critical issues” like the clown in the White Housedoes. These are real issues, Obama, listen up.
In a speech made during a recent visit to Greece, Putin said, “Rockets with a 500 kilometer range are being positioned in Romania now. Rockets with a 1,000 kilometer range are on the way.” He added, “But what’s even worse, these rockets can easily be replaced at any moment with long-range rockets that can travel 2,400 kilometers and no one will notice, even the Romanians.”
Putin emphasized, “This is a huge danger to us and we will have to react immediately. Those parts of Romania that didn’t know what it’s like to be in the crosshairs will have to face our countermeasures that ensure our safety.
The RT reporter notes that the missile system was placed as a countermeasure to the Iranian nuclear threat but since the magic wand of Obama’s Iranian agreement has been waved, that danger no longer exists. The premise for the new systems which are being installedhas been partially eroded by Obama’s “diplomatic success.”
He also reports Putin as saying that “Moscow is ready to cooperate on this anti-missile defense issues with the United States,” however he added, “there’s no one to talk to about that as Moscow hears no response to this issue from the Americans.”
Gary Franchi of the Next News Network interviewed Gerald Celente on the issue and the broader perpetual state of being engaged in a losing war that America always seems to find itself. Celente has his ideas as to why NATO is behaving in the manner that they are and it is directly related to their mental health. He addresses the broad perspective of the Pentagon’s “loser generals” and their servitude to the Military Industrial Complex as well.
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