Tuesday, May 31, 2016

GRASSTOPS USA 05/31/2016

Barack Obama's Favorite Republican Senators

We can give many reasons why Barack Obama loves these Republicans but the most recent is the likelihood that they are among those who are most likely to betray conservatives and push, behind the scenes, to force a vote that would put Obama's radical SCOTUS nominee, Judge Merrick Garland on the High Court...

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Obama Files Motion To Shield Hillary

The Obama administration is stepping in to prevent Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from being deposed in a legal case dealing with her use of a private email server for classified information. The Hill reported Friday that the Justice Department...

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Are These Overhyped Superfoods Actually Harming You?

These superfoods have taken the market by storm over the past several years. Increasing numbers of Americans are swearing by their health benefits, but research is coming out that some of them are simply not all they are cracked up to be ...

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Trump Delays Release Of Veterans Funding Details

Although presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump vowed to announce the exact amount of money raised for military veterans on Memorial Day, the real estate mogul, according to The Hill, is delaying his announcement until the day dedicated to honor those fallen is over...

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