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Clinton Foundation Amuck in Sinking Sand !!!

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Shabbat Shalom - Kedoshim the Secret of Holiness - Is Love in Action !!!

Thanks beloved Nancy Battle ...    
This communist corporation is getting rid of good Patriotic, Constitutional Leaders, ONE BY ONE ... they are rapidly THROWING DOWN THE GAUNTLET and KICKING DUST IN THE FACE OF EVERY AMERICAN !!! I think our DECISION IS NOW VERY PERFECTLY CLEAR !!

w vid Sheriff Joe Arpaio in contempt of federal court, judge rules
by Megan Cassidy - The Republic -

Six months after arguments concluded in a case against “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow broke his silence on Friday, filing a series of withering findings with one big conclusion: Sheriff Joe Arpaio is in civil contempt of federal court. Snow ruled that the Maricopa County lawman and three of his top aides violated an order meant to curtail racial profiling in his agency, according to the ruling issued Friday. [...]

w vid Trump: George Clooney is 'No Cary Grant'
by Paul Bois
Donald Trump FULL Interview On Fox & Friends 5/13/2016 (9:59)

State’s high-grade marijuana is in big demand on black market
by Trevor Hughes - USA TODAY

DENVER - If you can dream up a way to smuggle marijuana out of Colorado, chances are someone else has already tried it: Cars and trucks. Potato chip bags and jars of peanut butter. The U.S. mail. Not even the sky is the limit: A pilot last year confessed he used his skydiving planes to deliver nearly a ton of pot to buyers in Texas and Minnesota, court records show. Authorities say growers are using loopholes in Colorado’s legal cannabis system to produce marijuana destined for illegal export, tempted by the high prices that Colorado’s high-grade marijuana commands on the black market, including convenient and discreet marijuana-infused candy. And with margins of as much as 300%, smugglers are willing to take big risks. “What we’re hearing from out of state is that the best dope around is Colorado dope,” says Tom Gorman, director of the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force, which operates in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. “It’s high quality, and then you have the edibles and the hash oil.” [...]

A Call for National Civil Disobedience to Obama’s Public School Transgender Bathroom Mandate
by Michael Brown

There are times in history when obedience to God means disobedience to man. This is one of those times. Now that the Obama administration has announced that public schools must allow boys who identify as girls to use the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms – meaning, in effect, that teenage girls must undress and shower in the presence of biological males – it is time to say, “With all respect to the authority of the federal government, we refuse to comply with your mandate.” Across the nation, parents, school boards, principles, administrators and teachers must say no to President Obama and his administration. They must do it for the sake of the children. They must do it for the sake of moral sanity. They must do it to honor the Lord. Enough is enough. Too many lines have been crossed, too many moral values have been trashed, and too much common sense has been ignored, all in the name of radical LGBT activism. [...]

Q&A: What does the Department of Education say about transgender bathrooms?
by Gregory Korte - USA TODAY

WASHINGTON - The federal government issued guidance to school districts on transgender students Friday amid a national debate on the use of public restrooms by transgender people. The U.S. Department of Education, in a letter to school districts, said it hoped to provide clarity on what the law requires.


“When a school provides sex-segregated activities and facilities, transgender students must be allowed to participate in such activities and access such facilities consistent with their gender identity.” The guidance applies primarily to restrooms and locker rooms but also addresses a wide range of school-related activities.


It’s not a congressional statute, an executive order or even a regulation. Instead, it constitutes what the federal government calls “significant guidance.” It puts school districts on notice about how the federal government interprets existing law — in this case Title IX, the 1972 law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. The guidance does carry the implied threat that failure to follow the federal government’s interpretation could result in the denial of federal education funding. [...]

8-Year-Old Girl Attacked by Man Inside Ladies' Room -- Mother in Next Stall
by Trey Sanchez

Target Value Down $4.5 Billion Amid Transgender Bathroom Boycott
by Paul Bois
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Yavoh ~ He is coming !
Yahweh - Yeshua -  Ruach Ha-Kodesh
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה  
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Watching for Yeshua Ha-Mashiach,7340,L-3089,00.html
Pray at the Kotel - the Western Wailing Wall
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Thanks - beloved Ted Belman writing from Jerusalem, Israel for 14+ years ...
To all those on an Anti-Trump tirade…… (1:28)

Adelson set to give over $100 million to Israel-supporting Trump
by Times of Israel staff, JTA and AP

In meeting last week, Jewish casino magnate reportedly promised unprecedented contribution as GOP front-runner stressed commitment to Jewish state ,,, According to two Republicans with direct knowledge of the commitment to Trump who spoke to the New York Times, Adelson has told Trump “that he was willing to contribute more to help elect him than he has to any previous campaign, a sum that could exceed $100 million.”  [...]

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The Fruits of Subversion
by Caroline Glick

Sixty-eight years later, it works out there are still competing gangs trying to obligate the rest of us with their unlawful,
anti-democratic and immoral behavior. [...]

For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully
made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Psalm 139:13-14 KJV

Clinton Foundation Amuck in Sinking Sand !!!

Exposing The Clinton Foundation 
by Ray DiLorenzo

- World Net Daily, The Federalist, Breitbart, Zerohedge, Washington Free Beacon, Charity Navigator, Daily Caller, New York Times

How do you get foreign entities to give you money, hide it and then re-package it for your own purposes?  Re-introducing the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.  Here's how:

1. Get former aides to Bill Clinton (Bruce Lindsey & Eric Nonacs)  to create a separate Canadian 'charity,' Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership.

2. Get foreign governments and autocrats to donate to your charity.  Over  1100 entities did, much of it from off-shore accounts, with no expectation of anything in return, of course.  

3. These donations then get bundled into a massive donation to the Clinton Foundation.  The Canadian charity and the Clinton Foundation claim that Canadian law prohibits the identification of donors. 

4. The Clinton Foundation then spends some of the money (by best estimates between 10 - 15% – in 2013, less than 10%) on legitimate charitable causes. The balance goes to the Clintons, pays salaries to Clinton leeches, lush travel, etc.

5. Result: Millions of dollars goes to the Clintons', tax-free, and untraceable back to the original donor.

6. The Clinton Foundation fails to report much of this activity in their tax filings. These 'clerical errors' are discovered and, as of January, 2016, they begin to process the re-filing of five years of tax returns.

Is the Clinton Foundation an International money laundering and influence peddling operation? 
A principal of the Canadian charity is none other than Frank Giustra of Uranium One (which donated $145 million to the Clinton Foundation), the Canadian company that somehow acquired enormous uranium interests in the United States (20% of uranium production) and then sold them to a company controlled by Russia.  This transaction, because of national security implications, had to be approved by the Department of State...with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, approval was no problem.

The entities, if they were truly charitable, could have given directly to the Foundation, or the charities in need, but did not.  According to investigations by the Federalist, Bloomberg Politics and the Washington Post, the claim that Canadian law prohibits the divulging of donors has no merit.  Multiple Canadian tax law and privacy law experts say that Canadian law prohibits release of donor information in the coarse of commercial activity. Charitable fund-raising is exempt.

Why did The Clinton Foundation deliberately misinterpret Canadian privacy laws?  Why did the Foundation hide years worth of million dollar donations from foreign governments and individuals while Hillary Clinton was serving as Secretary of State?   Why did Hillary Clinton, when appointed as Secretary of State, insist on using a private email server, not subject to the Freedom of Information Act?  Was the destruction of 30,000 emails a risk Hillary Clinton had to take? 

It has been reported on Thursday that Persian Gulf states and their leaders have given the Clinton Foundation at least $100 million. Does Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE expect anything in return? Can a President Clinton carry out independent Middle East policies? National security analyst Patrick Poole says, "These regimes are buying access...there are massive conflicts of interest. It's beyond comprehension."

Charity Navigator, the charity watch dog, had previously put the Clinton Foundation on their watch list of dubious non-profit groups. They now have removed the Clinton Foundation from their website saying that the Foundation is "atypical" and does not meet the methodology required to monitor their activities.

Charles Ortel, a long-time financial adviser, spent 15 months examining the Clinton Foundation's public records, federal and state-level tax filings and donor disclosures.  That includes records from the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Clinton Global Initiative and their foreign subsidiaries. The Sunday Times of London described Ortel as "one of the finest analysts of financial statements on the planet."  HIs allegation: "There are massive discrepancies between what some of the major donors say they gave the Clinton Foundation to do, and what the Clinton Foundation said what they got from the donors and what they did with it...This is a charity fraud."

Barbarians Inside the Gates - The Crippling of the U.S. Armed Forces
President Obama promised change, we have it.  Along with massive deficits, a failing health care system, a culture in substantial decline, we also have a U.S. military that is in shambles. Thanks to Obama, we have a military that is a fraction of its former self.  He officiated over the destruction of a 200+ year old culture of the U.S. military. We now have forced acceptance of open homosexuality, hostility toward Christianity, the gratuitous degradation of our troops (e.g., forcing ROTC cadets to wear high heals, making male soldiers wear simulated lactation devices), lecturing the troops  on white privilege, opening combat positions (even special forces) to women, (any female soldier captured by ISIS would be tortured, raped and killed) and the relentless purging of fine general officers for not 'getting with the program.' Recruiters are told to push diversity, preferring women and minorities, while placing white males in disfavor. All of this is a complete cultural transformation...a turning over of our military into a maniacal laboratory for the New Marxism.
Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army,
having retired as Deputy Commanding General,
US Army, Pacific

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Clinton Foundation Failed to Report $20M in Donations from Governments
Majority of previously unreported funds came from foreign governments

 In 2013, The Clinton Foundation Only Spent 10 Percent Of Its Budget On Charitable Grants
Hillary Clinton's non-profit spent more on office supplies and rent than it did on charitable grants
April 27, 2015 By Sean Davis

After a week of being attacked for shady bookkeeping and questionable expenditures, the Clinton Foundation is fighting back. In a tweet posted last week, the Clinton Foundation claimed that 88 percent of its expenditures went “directly to [the foundation’s] life-changing work.”

w vid D'Souza Hillary Documentary to Open Before RNC Convention
"The Secret History of the Democratic Party"
by Sarah Fisher

Dinesh D'Souza's new documentary Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party is set for a limited release on July 15 and will go nationwide July 22. The RNC convention is scheduled for July 18-21 and the film will hit the big screen right before that convention begins. The Democrats will hold their convention beginning July 25 in Philadelphia, so the documentary will have national distribution by the time the Democrats convene and presumably nominate Hillary as their presidential candidate. This is D'Souza's third documentary. The first was 2016: Obama’s America, released in 2012, the second was America: Imagine The World Without Her in 2014. ###
"Hillary's America" Trailer | First Trailer HD (3:09)
Published on Mar 5, 2016 - Dinesh D'Souza

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Thanks beloved Kitty Hawk ...
Conversation: Sharing Water Along the U.S.-Mexico Border (4:53)
Published on May 13, 2016

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We hear that employment is up and the economy is recovering.
Really? What planet are these people on?
The numbers ...
What is the real unemployment rate in the United States?
Lies and more lies from the Obama administration ... 

The Real USA - Long-term Unemployed (20:13)
Published on Jan 6, 2015

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Thanks beloved Kitty Hawk ...
Conversation: Sharing Water Along the U.S.-Mexico Border (4:53)
Published on May 13, 2016

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Thanks beloved Ginny Linn ...
This is a MUST listen !  When you listen to what is being said,
you will be able to see how much "change" has already been
accomplished; we are in DEEP doo-doo ...

The New Order of Barbarians (4:14:40)
Published on Nov 12, 2012

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