Saturday, April 30, 2016


Mimi Walters for Congress

  Conservatives --

Today is our last day to hit our fundraising goal for the month of April and ensure California continues to have a strong, conservative voice in Congress, and I've been so busy fighting to lower taxes, ensure proper treatment of our veterans, and to protect our basic liberties that I've had little time to spare on fundraising.

Mimi That's why I'm reaching out to you now -- to see if you could pitch in with a last-minute donation of $35 or more to help us close the gap on our goal for this month.

The rise of candidates like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton underscores the drastic and dangerous ideological shift taking place in our nation right now.

It is crucial that conservatives in places like California rise up and ensure we continue to have strong conservative voices fighting for us in Washington amidst the liberal assault on our freedoms and liberties by Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons and my opponents.

This fight has been, and continues to be, the single highest priority driving everything I do, most especially in how I represent and fight for you and for California.

Your continual support is key to our success in these efforts, and your generous contributions to my campaign ensure we have the resources to keep fighting off the attacks on our efforts.

Today is the last day to make sure April can be added to the months that we have stayed on track with our fundraising. Please don't let us fall short.

Please pitch in today with a generous donation of $35 or more and help us keep up the fight!

Thank you!
Mimi Walters
Mimi Walters

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