Tuesday, February 16, 2016


by Lee S Gliddon Jr

If America does not cast off the Liberal policies and return to it's Conservative values it will cease to be a nation of Laws.

There has been an ongoing attempt by Liberal Progressive Democrats to turn the USA into a haven for multiculturalism and thereby destroy our national identity. By their seats on our Supreme Court Liberal Progressives have been successful in allowing the Rights, bestowed upon the citizens of this great nation, to be given o  to our enemies, illegal aliens and persons whose sole intent is to bring-down the very Constitution they seek to hide behind.

Anyone with any memory at all, save our school aged, including college. knows that multiculturalism destroyed the Roman Empire, the Grecian Empire, and will ultimately destroy the USA.

Due to the lack of educating our children, again including those of college age, in American History and vital International History the Liberal Progressives are doing their best to deny history.

Multiculturalism does not work! Plain and simple common-sense  tells any, but the most foolhardy,
that the only way to allow immigration is to enforce a policy of Assimilation.

Those who desire to gain citizenship into this nation take an oath that, by it's very wording, requires the new citizen-to-be to Assimilate. This means that that person must learn our language, support the US Constitution, learn our political system and it's history, observe the laws of this nation and to live in accordance with the dictates of this land.

I am not saying that there past lives must be forgotten or pride in their heritage denied, but I am saying a failure to assimilate MUST be grounds for revocation of the new-found citizenship and grounds for IMMEDIATE DEPORTATION.

The Liberal Progressive among us are a minority, but through their nefarious actions, have utterly infiltrated our government and are joyously tearing it apart.

To be blunt, and I mean blunt. we, true Patriots, must wait no longer. We must not allow the tearing apart of this nation to continue. We must, through the power of our voting, take our country back and eradicate Liberal Progressiveness from existence.

We must enforce Voter ID to prevent fraud. We must deny the lies of any seeking elected offices, and we must not allow the corruption, which controls the weak kneed in office, to continue.

Additionally, the blood-sucking and corrupting Lobbyists must cease to use Washington DC for their power base.

If we sit back and do nothing we can only expect violence. It is preordained and inevitable.

Lastly, this is exactly why the Liberal Progressive want our guns!      


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