Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Famous Liberals Who Own Guns

You probably did not know, nor would have have probably guessed, that these celebrities are strong Second Amendment supporters who are well-trained in the use of firearms. Some of these folks aren't even conservatives, which should just go to prove that support for the Second Amendment should not know a political party...

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Trump Reignites His Feud With Megyn Kelly Big Time

Leaving no stone unturned in his quest to bury all of his perceived enemies, the GOP frontrunner went after the Fox News host with a nasty tweet in response to what Trump believes is negative coverage The Kelly File has given his candidacy...

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The 5 Words That May Send The GOP The Way Of The Whig Party

As things now stand, the GOP may be going the way of the Whig Party and all the things that might eventually destroy the GOP can probably be condensed down to five short
but simple words...

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Ted Cruz Tells The Donald To Put Up Or Shut Up

Proving that the only way to handle a bully is to stand up to the bully, Senator Ted Cruz has a message for The Donald: Go ahead and file your frivolous and ridiculous birther suit or or move on with your campaign...

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