Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Submitted by: Debbie Beatty


I'm sorry for the late message, but this cannot wait till tomorrow.

We have a narrow window of opportunity to oust the sellout Republican John Boehner from his powerful position as Speaker of the House.

Conservative Rep. Mark Meadows has filed a motion to vacate the chair. This will force a vote on removing Boehner as speaker, and there is nothing Boehner can do to block the motion.

The vote could happen at any time in the next two days. Even if it takes late into the night, we must make the most of this opportunity ASAP!

Though Boehner can't block the motion -- we must muster a majority vote to remove him.

That's where you come in...please click here to sign an instant emergency petition to oust Speaker Boehner.

Your Tea Party Leadership Fund needs to gather 100,000 petition signatures BEFORE the vote! It is imperative that have a strong show of support.

Will you join us in whipping votes and protecting Conservative Rep. Mark Meadows's back as he takes on our enemy. Speaker Boehner?


Katrina Pierson

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