Monday, June 15, 2015


Last week I held off on sending out my email update while I took some time to reflect on the 78th legislative session. I have to say, those 120 days in Carson City were a whirlwind full of unforeseen events. After analyzing the events that took place over the last few months, I am still just as angry as I was in this picture, on the day session came to a close.
When we started this session with a Republican majority in both houses and a Republican Governor, I was optimistic that this would be a great session, full of positive changes to benefit Nevadans. Unfortunately, many of our elected officials were too easily persuaded to go back on the promises they made once they were wined and dined by the Governor and his staff.
I want to tell you the whole story of what happened on the tax vote. On our second to last day of session, Senate Bill 483 was brought to the floor for a vote. Assemblyman Ira Hansen proposed an amendment that would require SB483 to have sunset provisions, preventing the taxes from becoming permanent. Here’s how the vote went down.
Republicans who voted FOR sunsets: Dickman, Edwards, Ellison, Fiore, Gardner, Hansen, Jones, O'Neill, Seaman, Shelton, Silberkraus, Titus, Trowbridge, Wheeler
Republicans who voted AGAINST sunsets: Anderson, Armstrong, Hambrick, Hickey, Kirner, Nelson, Stewart, Woodbury
The second amendment would take the text from AB 464 and add it into SB 483. The amended plan included making the once temporary sunset tax increases permanent, an increase in the payroll tax and the creation of a commerce tax, which we all know is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It's a margins tax. Don't be fooled! A vote for this amendment was a vote for taxes.
Below is a complete list of everyone who voted in favor of this amendment, please, take note!
Republicans who voted AGAINST this amendment to raise your taxes: Dickman, Ellison, Fiore, Hansen, Jones, Seaman, Shelton, Titus, Wheeler
Republicans who voted FOR this amendment to raise your taxes: Anderson, Armstrong, Edwards, Gardner, Hambrick, Hickey, Kirner, Nelson, O'Neill, Silberkraus, Stewart, Trowbridge, Woodbury
Finally, here is the vote of the Assembly Members, including the 13 Republicans, who voted in favor of the amended bill, SB 483, effectively creating the LARGEST TAX HIKE IN NEVADA’S HISTORY. I feel confident that voters of Nevada will hold these individuals accountable in the next election.
Republicans who voted AGAINST this legislation to raise your taxes: Dickman, Edwards, Ellison, Fiore, Hansen, Jones, Seaman, Shelton, Titus, Wheeler
Republicans who voted FOR this legislation to raise your taxes: Anderson, Armstrong, Gardner, Hambrick, Hickey, Kirner, Nelson, O'Neill, Silberkraus, Stewart, Trowbridge, Woodbury
It is disheartening to see so many elected officials turn their backs on taxpayers and business owners and blatantly violate their campaign promises. Many of these legislators campaigned that they would not raise taxes, but here’s the proof. Among these representative, the most disappointing is Governor Sandoval who used his influence to essentially buy votes and promote his own agenda. I know I am not alone when I say that Governor Sandoval has lost my veneration.
The manner in which our elected officials chose to handle themselves was nothing short of sickening and selfish. Don’t think for a moment that voters don’t see right through the act. Just because a legislator claims he voted against the tax bill, SB483, look deeper at the amendment, because a vote for the second amendment was a vote for taxes.
Smoke and mirrors won’t fool Nevada voters, and neither will stories about bribery and wiretaps. The worst part of all this is wiretaps don’t just hurt the person who’s targeted. Wiretaps have the potential to hurt everyone involved because things that may have been said in confidence are no longer private. That trust is lost, especially when personal details may become public as part of this investigation. All in all, it left a very bad impression for all of the Nevadans who cared enough to vote to send us to Carson City.
Yes, I’m looking at you, Assemblyman Chris Edwards.
Although this 78th session did not go as well as we anticipated, I do not feel that all hope is lost for the real, conservative Republicans of Nevada. In the 77 legislative session there were only 5 conservative Republican Assembly Members who were dedicated to not raising taxes. This session we were lucky to have 12 members who remained true to the promises made to constituents and voted down new taxes. I am confident that this trend will continue, and in the upcoming session we will be able to give Nevadans the strong-willed representatives they deserve.

This session the media chose to portray me as having a quick temper on the floor. Though I may not always be politically correct, it is only because I am passionate about protecting Nevadans and our rights. I represent the people of District 4, and my votes are for my constituents and our future generations.
Now it’s time to get back to work because we can defeat this tax if we all work together. We talked about that Saturday on Walk the Talk with Michele Fiore. Click here to listen to our last episode and plan to join us every Saturday from 9am to 10am on KDWN 720am. 
I stand with you, Nevada.
Yours truly,
Michele Fiore 

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